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Total Health For Beautiful Skin

There are so many options to help keep your skin healthy (the largest organ in the body), vibrant, and disease free. We must think whole body. Organs filter and feed the body and the skin. We all get busy with life and rush from one thing to another, and it's easy to take for granted all the wonderful things our skin does to protect our health while we are engaged in living! Your skin forms a protective barrier against bacteria, viruses, toxins, sun damage, and more. The skins' job is also to help keep your immunity in good working condition by resisting infection. For our skin to do its job of protecting us while keeping us healthy, we have to care for it properly. Here are a few tips to help preserve healthy skin.Tips

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Protection From Bites & Stings While Enjoying The Great Outdoors

If I could live outside without getting bit and stung, then I would be outside 24 hours a day! Unfortunately bugs rule the night and in many parts of the country, they also rule the day. Spraying is a part of life. Going outside is wonderful but getting bit "sucks"- no pun intended. Learn how to protect yourself!

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