Handmade Natural Soap Bars

Best Handmade Natural Skin Care Soap for PSORIASIS, ECZEMA & ROSACEAWhy our handcrafted natural vegan artisan soaps are one of a kind? First and foremost, no hidden ingredients, artificial dyes or synthetic exfoliates that affect you or the environment. All of our ingredients are derived from plants, herbs, spices, and superior cold-pressed plant-based virgin oils that maintain their integrity throughout our natural formulating process. Our bars are not only loaded with soothing skin nutrients but infused with real detoxing clays, dead sea mud, activated charcoal and much more.  Enjoy using our products with even more beneficial plants, biodegradable plant-seed or nut exfoliates, flowers, essential oils, rich olive fruit oil, almond, avocado, unrefined shea & fruit oils of the highest quality. 

All of our handcrafted products are free from harmful additives, synthetic scrubbing agents, dyes or chemical preservatives & are always cruelty-free. You can proudly use Me and a Tree plant-based soaps knowing all our products are free of any Phthalates, SLS , Parabens, Propylene Glycol, Petro-Chemicals and Wheat. 


Rainforest Alliance Certified