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Wildcrafted Skincare Rituals for Radiant Results

As the vibrant colors of blooming flowers paint the landscapes and the gentle breeze carries the sweet scents of nature, we find ourselves immersed in the refreshing embrace of spring and summer. At ME AND A TREE, we believe that your skincare routine should be as invigorating and rejuvenating as this beautiful season. In this blog post, we will explore the wonders of flowers, spring, and summer, and invite you to learn how you can integrate the power of nature into your skincare and self-care rituals. From the enchanting gardens we have cultivated to our exquisite product offerings, we are here to help you radiate with natural beauty and appreciation for Mother Nature.

Harnessing the Season's Bounty: Garden-Fresh Ingredients

My journey as an herbalist began at a young age when I explored the outdoors in Washington State and the California Coast, where I lived. There were many beautiful bugs, plants, trees, flowers, and mountains to explore and learn about. I was always fascinated with the papery plants (Lunaria biennis or Silver Dollar Plant) growing all around me, along with Weeping Willows and quaint little ponds nearby.

One thing I especially enjoy doing each springtime into summer is growing and collecting wild herbs and flowers for my personal garden. Growing my own choice of herbs helps me when I am feeling a little under the weather (during cold and flu season, etc.) or when I need something to calm my skin or nerves. I also enjoy making herbal soaps, creams, teas, and tinctures for my herbal customers who come to see me for various health problems.

Seeing the herbs I have used for many years up close and personal has made life even more beautiful. I see the plants grow flower buds, deep roots (for medicine), pretty whorled leaves, and appreciate and enjoy seeing the busy bees pollinate and get nectar from the flower blooms for their hives. I love exploring and seeing the beauty of nature all around. I also know that using natural plants benefits our well-being, health, and skin.

One of the things I love to see is Queen Anne's Lace along with the lacy blossoms of the Elderberry Tree. Both flowers look similar and are used to treat the skin as well as help with flu season. The benefits of having fresh herbs on hand are plentiful. For one, I have easy access to make extracts and teas to add to products. Another benefit is that natural plants work with our body in a gentle yet potent way.

Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, herbs are gentler on our system than allopathic drugs. Herbal preparations also work synergistically with our own cells. If you see plant cells under a microscope, they are similar to human cells in many ways.

Another benefit of using natural ingredients is that the body has a built-in intelligence. Our intricate innate system knows how much of an herb to use and how much to flush away when not needed. Gentle herbs assist us in healing the skin, clearing up acne, smoothing dry crepey skin, while nourishing and beautifying, all without harming our skin. Plants help feed our skin and entire system with nutrients and trace minerals. That is why I enjoy working with natural ingredients so much! Plants are the stars, and I get to enjoy the smiles from happy clients and customers thanks to the natural chemistry and healing results from plants.

The Power of Floral Skincare Rituals

When I am near healing plants or walking through a beautiful pine forest, breathing in deep and slow, my senses calm down, my eyes and mind relax, and I suddenly feel deeply connected to my higher power and the beautiful nature all around. I also feel a strong sense of self, my truest self. Getting into nature and using natural products go hand in hand for me.


Just as going into the forest reminds me to relax and not take this world so seriously, so does the evening time at my bathroom sink. Washing my face with a natural clay soap brimming with botanicals and herbs helps me slow down enough for some much-needed daily self-care. Slowly pumping out some lavender and vanilla lotion and gliding the thick, rich emollient lotion over my legs or arms helps me see and pamper my own body. It not only looks smooth and soft but also moisturizes and nourishes my skin, which is mostly covered up with clothes all day.

Transitioning from winter to spring and then summer means my skin needs different things. Currently, as of this writing, it's springtime and getting closer to summer with each passing day, and I can tell my skin needs gentle exfoliation from the warmer sun and the constant change in temperature. Skin cells tend to open and close rapidly due to abrupt temperature changes, and dirt and oil can get trapped in pores. A nice nourishing and healing exfoliant is needed to lift and remove impurities while refining and shrinking pores.

Our bar soaps gently cleanse, exfoliate, and help keep pores clean and closed. The power of a balanced herbal bar of soap made with cold-processed oils of the finest quality is a must. Cold-pressed olive fruit, avocado, and sweet almond oil are the best choices for ensuring that the skin is not over-cleansed while keeping unsightly large pores clean, small, and unclogged.

This spring and summer, fall in love with our bountiful collection of botanical and herb soaps made with the purest oils from natural plants. Experience the benefits of plant chemistry that will certainly leave you impressed with your skin's appearance and health. As you pass by the beautiful gardens and flowers that bloom freely this time of year, remember your local herbalist and skincare company, Me and a Tree, who has taken all the work out of obtaining beautiful skin for your own delight and healing journey—naturally.

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