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My name is Michelle, and I have ultra sensitive skin. My husband David has somewhat sensitive skin too. A few years back my head had itchy red, painful bumps that were turning into little blisters from chemicals in shampoo. I have been this way since I was a kid. However, it became worse over time. I tried to ignore it, but the bumps on my head were not going away. It would hurt when I would scratch my head or brush my hair. I also could not use even organic shampoo anymore, much to my dismay. I had to figure out something because the bumps on my head were getting painfully worse and nothing was helping.

I grew up Vegan. It was rare for us to go to the doctor as kids. I always ended up taking herbs and knew a lot about how the body worked and how herbs and foods could aid in illness. I didn't even go to the doctor for poison oak as a kid because I knew about the herbs you could rub on your body to take it away! I just knew I needed to focus so I could apply this knowledge to my situation. I started expanding my knowledge of essential oils, herbs, plants, and chemistry and began formulating an all-natural skincare line that wouldn't irritate my own sensitive, prone skin. I worked and worked until I finally came up a formula so gentle, even people with worse skin conditions than mine could use it successfully.

I left out the irritating detergents, sodium laurel sulfates, harsh chemicals, and artificial colorants, found in most soaps and skincare. I wanted to use the herbs and botanicals that I had known about since I was a kid and wanted to include the new information that I was studying too. It took me a few years to perfect my formulas. When I finally did, my soaps and lotions caught on to my friends and family. The bumps on my head went away, our friends and relatives that had skin issues were relieved, and we started getting repeat orders. It was so exciting to be able to use my knowledge to help others.

Our loyal following has helped us grow nationally (and internationally). We believe loyalty is a direct result of a commitment from our company to you to create eco-friendly skin care with the best and most nourishing ingredients available. We here at Me and a Tree SkinCare choose to support local and sustainable farms and love to be able to say we are helping to bring back eco environments and animal habitats by doing so.

I'm very passionate about making artisan eco-friendly & cruelty-free products for people like you, who care about the environment and its creatures while supporting local female-owned small businesses like mine. When you support local companies like ours, you help create jobs for others in America during a very up and down economy. Thank you for your support! 

Michelle Touchstone,
Skin Care Formulator/Owner
Miami Florida

Want to get your hands on our eco-friendly cruelty-free sustainable products? You can purchase now online and read about all our products or attend our local events. Check out our location/events page on our website. We ship internationally. Our products have been to Belgium, London, Greece, and MORE! Our soaps and creations have traveled more than we have! All our creations are eco-friendly, sustainable and created from scratch. We do not use pre-made bases or sell anything that destroys rain-forests or animal habitats. We use the Green Frog logo for sustainable and plant-based ingredients and make everything from scratch in small batches with the utmost care ensuring our makings and your selections are cruelty-free.

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