Theres' something beautiful about this time of the year. More flowers, sunshine, and weddings. It's a great time to freshen up with botanical skincare to celebrate Spring 2023! With so much going on in the world; most of us are looking forward to the positivity of celebrations, blooming flowers and spending time with loved ones and hopefully being outdoors more. This time of year more people will turn off their electronics, connect more, and soak up some much-needed (what I call) "outdoor therapy." Along with spring, of course, comes the big beautiful bright shining sun and that means skin protection. But Did you know blue light affects skin too?


Skin protection and fortification isn't hard if you follow these simple tips.  Most of you know about UV (Ultra Violet Light) and how it can damage your skin. You've likely seen information about it more than once. You probably already know sunscreen helps protect from skin cancer too. But what you may not know is that there are other wave lengths of light that we need to be careful to protect against too. HEVs (High Energy Visable) blue light from our computer screen. Just so you can understand the link- the sun is mostly blue light.  Computer screen blue light is possibly as damaging as UV rays from the sun.  Here are some simple tips & information that can help protect your skin from damaging HEV blue light (as well as UV) light this spring. 


Zinc Oxide for UV, UVB, and HEVs is the best and most natural broad-spectrum protection. Zinc is also better performing than Oxybenzone and other sunscreens with chemicals because it protects completely when used correctly (reapplying after showering or exiting the water and sweating). People with sensitive skin care needs tend to do quite well with Zinc Oxide Sun Protection and it also has natural skincare benefits. Cruelty and eco friendly brands are the ones worthy of your support.


Reef Safe Sunscreen

Buy natural cruelty free 30 SPF reef-safe zinc oxide sunscreen here


Avoid sunscreens with Oxybenzone or Avobenzone as studies show that one or both have been linked to hormone disruption, skin sensitivity, skin cancer, and not to mention the death of coral reefs which animals in the ocean rely on for shelter and food. Chemical sunscreens are not cruelty-free, eco-friendly, or people friendly for that matter and many people develop a burning skin sensation when sweating after these types of sunscreen are applied to the face. 



Zinc Oxide not only gives you complete and full-coverage sun protection from over-exposure from any UV, UVB but also protects your face and skin from the newly discovered and trending new data science of HEV blue light from our computers and smart devices.  By the way, the best protection level sun cream is 30 SPF; anything higher is only hype and marketing fluff. At SPF 30, you're getting complete coverage as you can't get anything higher (even though some sunscreens market themselves as 50, 60, 80, SPF)- as they are all the same as 30 when it comes to blocking the sun rays without the harmful chemicals and skin sensitizers. 



We likely can't avoid computer and smart device screens completely as information technology is how we communicate in the modern age.  So, what else can we do? Here are 3 tips for protecting your skin from blue light in the modern world we live in. 



 Me and a Tree Plant Based Skin Care

1. CUT BACK ON SCREEN TIME especially if you are on your light-emitting device for more than 30 minutes at a time. According to the eye website Big Sky Eye Care, "All of these devices emit blue light or high-energy visible (HEV) light, which is "a known cause of computer vision syndrome, sleep disruptions and possibly other potential dangers to the eyes. Blue light radiation is also emitted from television screens and electronic devices".  Your sleep, skin, and eye site along with your brain synapsis is being affected so cut back the addiction and live life outside of your devices when possible. 



2. USE ZINC OXIDE SUNSCREEN. Zinc Oxide also protects our skin from both UV, UVB and this newly talked about HEV (High Energy Visible) blue light from our modern devices. According to a Times of India article, "The blue light emitted from the screen is as harmful as the ultra violet light emitted from the sun. By using a moisturizer with an SPF you can protect your skin while sitting and working in front of the screen for a longer period. Don't forget to apply it every hour on your face." Blue light is the closest to UV light, and the sun as mentioned earlier is the closest to UV light. The sun remember, is predominately blue light. 



3. FORTIFY YOUR SKIN AHEAD OF TIME things like carrot seed oil, borage flower, evening primrose as they have nutritive Vitamin C in them in a form that is bioavailable to your skin. Vitamin C in these forms have natural free-radical fighting power-houses inside of them. According to an article on the Forbes website, "It's no news that spending long hours in front of a screen can seriously affect our health, from dry eye and headaches to messed up circadian rhythm and digital eye strain and continual blue light exposure can take a toll on our skin as well."


 Gentle Lightly Scented Night Cream Monoi De Taire

Additional information
Free radical damage (oxidative stress) drastically ages skin. Remember to get your Vitamin C daily! You can both eat Vitamin C containing foods  as well as apply them to your skin in the form of a topical face product. Vitamins and minerals from plants are very effective at giving your skin the support needed to protect skin many of the damaging light waves we encounter today. 



Me and a Tree Skincare carry skin creams and serums that fortify and will add support for the maintenance of healthy skin. Visit ME AND A TREE ONLINE to see Michelle's Carrot and Tamanu Miracle Serum which is able to reverse brown spots if caught on time, and prevent them before they happen. Many use it and report wonderful results when used daily along with sunscreen.  I use it for protection and fortification by putting it on first thing in the morning and last thing at night before bed. I also put it on under my makeup as a solo product. I have reversed dark pigmentation spots from driving daily caused by the the sun coming in the side windows of my car. It's very important to use sun screen while driving to prevent them from coming back or forming in the first place. 


Gentle Facial Serum for Sensitive Skin

Looking for a face cream with added zinc and carrot seed oil that helps with keep free radical damage at bay? Choose Bright Eyes and Face Daytime Cream, which has Zinc Oxide along with Carrot seed, Evening Primrose, Borage Flower, and Tamanu. This beautiful botanical blend will fortify the skin with powerful vitamins and sun protection for the daily. Remember that Borage Seed & Evening Primrose is the richest known source of Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA), which is a fatty acid that is essential for keeping skin elasticity and balance in harmony. Borage also contains macronutrients, as well as vitamins A and C, niacin, thiamin, vitamin B, and additionally contains proteins, fiber, and minerals according to recent findings.



The importance of fortifying your skin before you encounter ultra violet light and blue light (high energy visible light) lengths is that your skin builds protective melanin and a fortifying barrier when the cells are fed and able to be fend off and protect before the wavelength hits your face and starts breaking down cells (cell death).  I personally want some Vitamin D getting to my skin from the sun and don't want to wear Zinc 24 hours a day. So, I fortify my skin with the Miracle Elixir after I wash my face first thing in the morning. I layer the Bright & Face Cream with Carrot Seed etc., over the Elixir with carrot seed and tamanu. If I need to wear makeup, that's last. Sun screen can be used either before or after the Carrot Seed Serum and Bright Eyes Day Cream although I prefer applying at the end or after my base of Elixir and bright eyes. Bright Eyes & Face Cream does have about a 12 SPF. I still add the 30 in the summer or if spending a moderate amount of time outside or driving. 


 Best Spring Cruelty-free Natural Skincare

Conclusions: Low-energy and low exposure times to high-e energy blue light can actually help prevent skin diseases, just like a little sun is beneficial to the skin. But  studies have revealed that more prolonged exposure to high-energy blue light (as well as the sun) can increase the amount of DNA damage, cell and tissue death, injury, eye damage, skin barrier damage, and photo-aging". It has been studied and noticed that it also disrupts sleep. Keeping your screen time to a minimum and wearing zinc on your face will help protect your skin from these concentrated light producing gadgets while also protecting you from over exposure from the sun. 

So, enjoy Spring, get outside and simply add a little protection so you can enjoy life more fully and with good health well into your golden years. Happy Spring! 



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