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Shawna J

I met Michelle at the Chattanooga Market and absolutely fell in love with her face creams and soaps. Everything smells so natural and beautiful! She is so friendly and helped me so much! Great customer service! I especially like the Bright Eyes & Face with Tamanu Oil. Not many products use it and it just goes to show that she's done her research! BRAVO! I no longer have Rosacea! Even my own husband noticed (without me telling him a thing)! It doesn't get any better than that in my book! Customer for life right here! Try it- you won't be disappointed. 

Falguni B

I initially bought Michelle's products to help my daughter with her eczema. We bought the goat milk and patchouli bar and the charcoal kaolin and clay bar. And to our surprise my daughter skin improved tremendously. Along with our order Michelle provided us a ton of samples in. And from that I ordered additional items and got more samples. My favorite sample of them all are the muscle ease relief Lotion and the honey blossom skin lotion. They smell so amazing and the honey blossom lotion is so mild and so easy on the nose, it is gorgeous. The muscle ease lotion took away my muscle pain literally in an hour. I am in love with these products and I will continue to buy them as long as they're available.


Tasha R

Like many I just don't have the time or patience to sit and right a review.  However, this product and this company deserves this and more.  I had the pleasure of smelling your soaps and lotions at our Farmer's Market in Boca Raton FL.  After explaining how my teenage son had acne dark spots with oily skin and how we have spent countless time and money. The sales person suggested a charcoal based soap.  As a mom and former acne suffer myself I we have tried everything with some results and some just did not work.  After only 2 uses my son's skin was better. Not only did it look better but it felt better. After 4 uses the dark spots started to lighten.  Of course at this point I started using the soap.  After a week I had numerous people on 1 day compliment me on my glowing bronzed kissed skin.  And my beautiful natural looking make up. Ummm no make up on. I spent that entire day promoting and singing the praises of your soap.  My point is this is the only thing that worked for a teen with problem skin. I wish I would have found you years ago for him.  Your products are amazing! Thank you.  You all have a family who are customers for life!


Hi there! I am literally overwhelmed and In love with your body care essentials. I remember the day I was in Aventura mall, stopped by the table and was literally shocked by the information David provided me with! (I believe that’s his name I forgot!) but due to his knowledge and intelligence upon health and how society is clogging our insides and us blind at the fact of not knowing what we’re intaking into our system was stupendous! I am an African - American female and during that time period this rare skin infection took over my body called “Pityriasis Roses” and that was such a hard time for me... large dark patches covered my neck while small ones took over my stomach, underarms, and back (omg.. just by me typing this I’m tearing up. I’m a crybaby. Sorry.) I’m literally so self-cautious about my skin due to me having sensitive skin and that time period for me was just oh so devastating! I couldn’t bare to deal with it. The doctors and dermatologists had no answers for me, nor could have recommended to anything (so yeah.. I took it extremely hard) I prayed, I cried.. but because that happened to me I became more self-aware of the foods I intake and the products I put on my body I became more strict on what I ate and after speaking with Michael he recommended I get the charcoal and kaolin..(I spelled that wrong, sorry but it’s the white bar with the black part at the top) I was a bit skeptical but, I began to feel and see difference within my skin.. not only did it clear up my pityriasis but my skin began to feel smoother, it became brighter, my skin felt rejuvenated it’s like it was talking to me! “Yes! After all these years you’ve finally given me what I needed” and I am kind of “happy” that the pityriasis came over my body because it WOKE me up! It’s so crazy how crazy/tragic things have to happen just so that we can wake up from what’s hurting, infecting our body or taking advantage to certain in our lives! Overall, Thank you “Me and a Tree” for your amazing products and knowledgeable service!


I love these products have been fortunate to have found this company through a local farmers market in South Florida, @Pine Crest Gardens. My skin feels great when I use the soaps. I have also given them to our friends as gifts and they have told me how much they love them.

Doreen C.
I bought my first bar of Tunisia Black Soap in January at Fairchild Tropical Gardens. It is the best soap I have used.  I just bought another bar of the Tunisia Black Soap.  I am very glad to be using this soap.  I work in freight/opening a lot of boxes and I am breathing in a lot of dust and dirt.   Using this soap has saved me from getting sick like a lot of my co-workers.  My skin feels great!!!!!!!!!   I love the smell of the soap and the fact that it has sea mud, activated charcoal, and grape seed oil.  My girlfriend uses the oils in her massage business.

Nicola Brown
I had to write a review on the BRIGHT EYES, (something I have never done before because writing about a skin product in the past has not deserved my time and attention). I purchased this amazing day cream on Sunday at Pinecrest Market and I just knew, talking to the owner and seeing' the whole range of products, that they had something special here! I immediately tried the Bright Eyes Day Cream on my whole face and eyes, and as crazy as it sounds, saw an instant difference in my skin tone.  It looked more radiant, had a glow and I didn’t need as much foundation on my face. It felt softer and more smooth and I looked as though I had had a good night’s sleep ;) The ingredients are all natural and full of goodness. I couldn't wait to write the review and contact the company. I will order the face kit now as I am excited to try the whole line and especially the carrot miracle oil!! Thank you guys for a doing such a wonderful job, for all your expertise and knowledge. We appreciate your hard work!


Cyd Propis 
I had to take the time to thank you for having such GREAT products! I started using the Carrot & Tamanu Miracle Elixir when I met you at the Pinecrest Farmers Market. We put a little on a spot of psoriasis I had on my leg. It smelled so good, and felt so soothing, I decided to buy a bottle. Although I must say, I am always a bit leery about the word Miracle, and Amazing when in is put in the name of a product, really it makes me laugh! BUT........this elixir is a MIRACLE!!!  MY psoriasis is almost gone! No more dry patches or itching! I can hardly believe it! I am delighted, I can even wear Capri slacks because I am not embarrassed about the dry, red skin on my leg. Not only am I using it, but my husband, who is a surgeon, tried it and he LOVES it as well, so now we are a two bottle family!!!! Thanks again!

I absolutely fell in love with Me & a Tree previously called Pixie Dust Naturals from the very the first time I tried the soap. I have acne prone skin and have dealt with breakouts my entire life. I saw the soaps at Aventura Mall and thought I'd give it try. I've tried everything else, so why not? I blindly bought one bar and the jumping java exfoliator, within a couple days, my skin was noticeably softer, smoother, and healthier. I just had to have more. One bar lasted me about a month which is much longer than the regular conventional soaps. I looked online and saw that the bars would be available again at Aventura Mall last weekend. I refused to let the weekend pass without buying that soap. I refuse to settle for less than Pixie Dust. I drove from West Palm Beach to Miami just to purchase these bars. I bought 10! My skin is spoiled now. Pixie Dust is a God send.

Ligia D Bernardini 
I just think Me & a Tree a.k.a.Pixie Dust Naturals is superb. Its products, its online services, and its friendly-client outlook. I have known Me & a Tree for over a year and a half when it had a Saturday tent at Sunset Streets Pixie Dust in South Miami: trustworthy, outreaching, offering treats of its diverse and unusual offerings,  and great quality. I lately ordered some items online and had them delivered to my front door just three days after posting my selection. I am amazed at their efficiency. Skincare creams and soaps are way beyond those that one would find elsewhere amongst other of their kind in stores and shopping centers. Good luck to these good community oriented people in South Florida!

Thomas  Greene 
Amazing amazing amazing! Finally real natural stuff and beautiful people selling it. I always hated how shampoos left my hair but I am hooked. Great bars not one is drying. Goat milk bar is excellent and my hair smells great. Thank you and don’t stop making this stuff. Ever! Cheers!

Sarah Serralta 
I came upon Me & a Tree (Pixie Dust Naturals) at the Pinecrest Gardens Food & Chocolate Festival. I did not get to meet Michelle but the man that helped me gave me a superb consultation. I ended up purchasing the "French Lavender" bar for sensitive skin and fell irrevocably in love with it. Not only did it tickle my fancy for handmade vegan soaps but the soft scent perfectly catered to my perfume allergies. After using it for 3 days, I saw improvements in my skin immediately. I even received compliments on my complexion! I can't wait to come back for more products because if they are anywhere near as effective as my Calendula soap, I could never be dissatisfied!

Bought the Pumpkin Spice Delight candle while I was shopping around some local booths while in Miami. I burned it for the first time today, and I'm in love! The smell is amazing, and it quickly spread the beautiful scent across my entire house! I blew it out about 10 minutes ago and the smell of pumpkin is still fresh. Wonderful products, will absolutely purchase from you again! Thanks!!!

Leely Evans
OMG!!!! I fell in love with your Sugar Pomegranate Lip Balm, and I took it out of the country on vacation, and I used it till it ran out.  I am so glad to be back home to order more!!!  I just ordered 10!!!  I want one on my desk at home and at work, in every purse, and one for my mom and my daughter!! There is nothing like the feel of this smooth, yummy product.  I love the moist, slippery feel on my lips.  I put it on over my lipstick and now I use it all day long.  Thank you so much for this most wonderful lip balm in the world!!!!  You guys ROCK!!!!!

Chris Conte 
Can't wait and thank you for my pumpkin soap it's awesommmme! The best!
Chris Conte

Joseph Cesarini 
I’ve always taken care of my skin and I’ve always enjoyed feeling good and allowing my skin to breath... naturally I’ve gone to Wholefoods and purchased their outrageous soaps, oils, and lotions so that my skin doesn't get dried and crack or I would go above and beyond and buy high end products for my scalp issues... I started with the lip balm and I fell in love with the treatment that my lips responded with, I had to go back and get soaps to help my healing tattoo and to top it off, David was extremely knowledgeable about ALL of the products and which one of their soaps would help the problems that the world gives to your skin. Thank you so much for your products and having the utmost quality in products.
Joe Cesarini

Nicole P 
I am not particularly fond of writing testimonials or comments, but I think it is only fair that I do so now as I am in love with your products. I am black with weird skin thanks to the changes post babies. You know how our skin evolves: one patch of oily skin then patches of dry skin in other areas (and this was my face alone!)  I have used your coffee scrub, the bright eyes anti-aging, soaps and body lotion (the monoi and the latest is Noir) and my skin has never felt or looked better. I have random people complimenting me on the glow (and no it is not sweat in this humid weather we are experiencing). I used the body lotion on my kids (even the baby) and it is truly a remarkable product. My middle son had a bad case of eczema that was so persistent, that it overwhelmed the prescription creams and aggravated his skin even more. We used the lotion over 2 months ago and it is now 'night and day'. My son even commented about how much better his skin is looking and feeling.

Ana D. 
I love the "Bright eyes and using for her" cream. I have been using it for two months and love how my face has a glow after a put it on. I like that it has sunblock and it never feels oily. I highly recommend it.

Milagro Olivencia 
Okay, so I received your AMAZING Products!!!!!! Michelle seriously everyone that knows me can tell you how I pamper my skin with nothing but Vitamin C &E and I can proudly say. That I LOVE your products... First, your Organic Soy Candles smell Awesome!! Second your Skin products I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I just used your Jumping Java Natural face & Body exfoliator I am definitely your customer forever!! So natural and fresh gives my skin a glow which I love. Finally Vegan natural products for my skin no chemicals, cruelty-free. Thank you so much. You're Awesome... Everyone check out her skin care line it's amazing... I feel like I just left the Spa!!

Nadetta Matthews 
I purchased some products at the Food event some weeks ago by the UM Science and Technology parking lot. I am in love with the products I purchased. I purchased two of the Jumping Java (for my Mom and I), Monoi de Tiare lotion (my favorite), the night cream for my Mom, bath salts and several soaps. Did I tell you I am in Love with your products???? YES! I am happy and I plan to be customer from here on! Thanks for running with the vision!

Hi, My name is Orpha and I am extremely happy with the products, especially the Jumping Java, I have very dry skin and stretch marks were beginning to show, no lotion helped, I started to use the Jumping Java about a month ago, however, I have not had the need to use lotion anymore, which is almost impossible with dark skin, I was so impressed that now I have my friends buying the products. I also started to use the soap and my skin cleared out, within 2 weeks I notice the difference... Thank you so much for the love you put into these products, my skin thanks you, I enjoy walking out of the shower smelling like a coffee bean :0)

Lynne Fiala 
As a vegetarian now vegan, I have been frustrated about my skincare. Since the skin is the largest organ in the body, it makes no sense to be so careful about what I eat/drink and then pour toxic chemicals on my skin every day! The other so called “natural” products still had chemicals. Thank you, Michelle! Not only are your products chemical-free, but they are packed with the most enriching ingredients that counteract all of the damage done by sun, pollution, poor diet – all creators of those nasty free radicals we keep hearing about! As I get older, I need all the help I can get to keep my skin moisturized and firm. But at the same time, I want to smell good. So for me, Michelle’s products are an answer to prayer. Finally…skincare products I can trust. I love every single one of them and intend to use them as long as I live. Cheers! Lynne

Gala R.
It's good to know someone cares about my skin just as much as I do. I've talked to Michelle myself and I was amazed on how much time and heart she puts in every product that she makes. I love how her soaps leave my skin perfectly moisturized and not dry like so many soaps out there. Her lip balms are the best. I honestly took the lip balm with me everywhere. The best part is knowing all her products are done with natural ingredients that are not toxic to my body. I would recommend her products to everyone!

Hi Michelle,  I am using the Jumping Java face scrub.  Love it!  My face is so smooth and the java coffee smells delicious.  I want to eat it!  I think it keeps me extra alert as well.  I have only used this product for three days now but absolutely love it!  Nice work. I will definitely recommend you to friends and family.

Bonnie T.
The rash on my forearm kept getting worse and worse.  Can you imagine being upset by a rash? I finally went to my GP and he gave me some cream and a pat on the head and sent me home.  In two days it had spread from my wrist to the inside of my elbow.  It is now the week-end and my rash is raging into blisters and the itching is uncontrollable, so I take myself to the Baptist Urgent Care Clinic and the doctor said it was a very bad contact dermatitis.  He gives me steroids in a pill and cream form.  I protest because I am a diabetic and should not take steroids.  He told me it was so bad that this was the only course to follow. So on a Monday morning, I go straight to a Dermatologist.  He agrees with me about the steroids but says the more conventional salve will take much longer to heal.  I wanted to know what it was, and he said without many tests it could be an allergic reaction to something, or a psoriasis breakout, or just eczema, no telling. As I suffered along with my awful rash, which is now scaring my arm as a burn wound would do, I run into Michelle who asked me what it was.  She looked at it carefully and pointed out the dried scared skin.  She said she would make me an oil treatment, which made much more sense because oil seemed to me to be the only answer to penetrate the skin.After two days the rash was healing, after one week it had stopped altogether and after another week all the horrible scarring was fading away. Now I NEVER leave home without my little amphora of Michelle's extraordinary oil. Thank you, Michelle, Forever grateful, Bonnie

Holly G 
Loved the soap! !! They looked just like it did in the photos, smelled great and lasted a really long time.  Oh, and they were wrapped so pretty! Good to know that I am supporting an all natural, family run business. Thanks for making products that aren't tested on animals or pollute the environment.  I highly recommend using all natural with all the chemicals floating around out there--scary! Keep up the good work! Sincerely,~Holly

Amy Case 
I was in search of some non-chemical face cleansers and had used so many different kinds. My face seems to be very sensitive to any kind of face cleanser. Right when I was giving up I met Michelle and her husband at the Brickell Farmers Market and bought my first Mint bar of soap and tried it on my face for a month and I began to see a difference in just a couple of days. I am in love with this soap and super pumped to have clear and super soft skin on my face. I am buying a couple more to try out on my body and hair tomorrow! :-) I am so grateful to you Michelle for your honesty and openness about your story and how much you really do believe and love your product yourself. Super blessed to have met you and look forward to enjoying more of your products (ie: going to try out the mint soap on my body and hair. I have the mint chapstick and love it!:-) I also am interested in trying out the non-scented bar of soap on my daughter who has eczema to see if I can find something that will work on her skin and not cause a breakout.
~ amy case

Eileen P.
I am a candle and soap-a-holic. I bought the Coconut Lime 8oz jar has such a sweet smell. I love it. The peppermint bath whole bathroom smells like peppermint when shower, even my husband was like "Wow that smells good!" I also bought the rosemary sage tin candle. I have used it to moisturize my hands mostly, but the room also smells nice when I use it. I love it as a moisturizing cream, and it smells wonderful. I will just randomly smell my hands because it’s so good! Thank you!

Ellie T
I love Me and a Tree (Pixie Dust Naturals) I am using the Monoi face cream. My delicate skin loves the moisture it adds. The smell is delicate and light. The soap bars are generous and long lasting and smell great! When I received the Pumpkin Spice Delight bars, I put them in my kitchen cabinets for a few weeks. My kitchen smelled like I was baking something yummy. The Plumeria Tea Flower bar is the one I’m using now. It reminds me of Hawaii. The scent is subtle on the skin. I store my Lavender Shea Bar and Spiced Bay Rum in my clothes closets. Love the smell of lavender when I get dressed in the morning.  The Spearmint Wheatgrass is refreshing and my hubby’s favorite bar so far. The Passion Rose bar smells heavenly and feels so romantic!  I love smelling whichever soap I’ve used as I move through my day. I bought the huge Pumpkin Spice candle for my hubby for Christmas. He loves it! It lives on the kitchen counter and smells like something is baking. I love the fact that Michelle’s candles are non-toxic. THANK YOU, MICHELLE! I’ll definitely be back for more.

Christina Loftis
Just wanted to say how wonderful your products are.  I know that every ingredient is pure and good for your skin.  Your soaps are the best my family and I have ever used. Why? First, the packaging is exquisite and done with love.  The fragrance is out of this world and the lavender was just what I needed in my bath, to melt away any stress.  My skin felt better after one use. Your products make great gifts also!
Thank you, Michelle.
Best wishes,

Anna with dog 
After stumbling on Pixie Dust products last week I have become absolutely hooked. I just looooovvveee them. My skin has improved since I have very sensitive skin and is now soft & smooth. All the products are wonderful and I highly recommend them. I am looking forward to my tea for my dog since she also has skin problems. Thank you Michele!