Me and a Tree Natural Skin Care FAQs

Q) Why is the soap/cream a different color than the last time?
A) We are an artisan handcrafted company. I make all products by hand and as an artistic expression may swirl or pour a soap in a different way than last time. Also, herb or flower (or any natural ingredient) colors etc can change depending on the season. As the seasons change so do the natural herb, oils & colors. It's natural and perfectly normal but this in no way affects efficacy of our products. A soap can be a lighter color or even a darker color from batch to batch. However, we use the same natural pure ingredients in each batch from herbs, scents, colors, essential oils etc. No two batches will look identical and much like a baker- it will smell the same but may have color variants- lighter/darker shades, different swirl patterns etc. As a skin care formulator creating variety is what most find to be the reason artisan soap is so enjoyable. Enjoy it!

Q) What's that whitish stuff on my soap? 
There is a layer of ashy looking color/discolor/different color on the top of my soap. Is my soap still good?
A) Yes, it's perfectly natural and a good bar of soap! That dusty odd colored layer is called soda ash. It is a natural result of the ingredients in the bar hitting the air (different air temps can result in more or less of soda or soap ash) and is not in any way a bad bar.

Q) Why isn't the pump on my cream or lotion working? 
A) We use a sealed air system to prevent germs and contamination from entering. The pumps have to be primed before use. Sometimes air gets trapped at the top of the container. It's easy to pump out excess air. You do this by placing your finger over the spout where cream is expected to come out while pumping at the same time. Be sure that the pump cap is on fairly tight to prevent air vacuum. By covering the spout while pumping it forces the cream to the top. Keep pumping and then remove your finger while continuing to pump and cover again. If needed repeat the process until you get a nice flow of product.