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Michelle Touchstone planting coral discusses  the joy of saving the oceans by education and appreciation

There's a lot to be said for being able to walk into the ocean with your dive gear, swim out a few hundred feet and then explore coral reefs or a shipwreck while seeing a variety of fish, lobsters and maybe even a sea turtle.

That's something the town of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea promotes and prides itself on. South Florida is one of the few places in the world where divers can access coral reefs from shore, and the town goes out of its way to be beach diving-friendly. Michelle Touchstone an avid diver discusses corals and the joy of saving the oceans by education and appreciation.



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Me And a Tree Skincare In With SkinIntroducing Me and a Tree skincare, a solution-oriented collection of organic, natural, vegan and cruelty-free bath and beauty care products that are equally elegant in appearance and effective in nature. Invented out of necessity, Me and a Tree skincare was developed by Michelle Touchstone who grew up in Northern California with plenty of naturals herbs and plants. Now living in Miami she called upon her natural and organic background to produce an enviro-friendly skincare line that wouldn't aggravate her sensitive skin.  Me and a Tree skincare is passionate about producing products that keep painful and embarrassing conditions such as acne and eczema at bay. The eco-friendly, handcrafted collection is  comprised of a variety of natural scents and mixes in artisan beauty and spa bars of soap, skin loving lotions, exfoliators, moisturizerscandles and more. Specifically, Me and a Tree skincare infuses powerful natural plant botanicals and herbs such as Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), the fatty acids 3-6-9 found in Borage Oil which (is) brimming with medicinal properties to help relieve the symptoms of chronic inflammatory conditions. Me and a Tree skincare offers an assortment of artisan hand crafted products that embody all-natural ingredients for normal and sensitive skin alike. The artisan skin collection is all hand blended and cold processed keeping all nutritive properties inside. Face creams such as their Bright Eyes & Face Line Defense and Monoi Age Defying C Cream are both safe for Cancer recovery patients and those wanting and needing a Paraben free skin care line. Me and a Tree products are skin balanced and carefully formulated with the highest grade plant extracts, nutrient rich antioxidants ie: Lavender Absolute, Co-q10  and with an array of nutritious oils such as Evening Primrose and Borage Oil, all properties known to help combat the sign of aging by reducing free radical damage.

Me and a Tree™ Skincare embraces the natural beauty of the skin and enhances these features with enticing, holistic ingredients free of any Parabens, SLS, Propylene Glycol and harsh chemicals. Vegan Spa Beauty Bars, soaps and candles are available in a variety of scents from Dead Sea Mud Spa Bar & Mask to French Lavender and Spearmint & Wheatgrass to Cedarwood and Lotus in Love all soothing aroma therapy massage candles great for unwinding from stress. Me and a Tree skincare is available to purchase online and at local locations in South Florida. For an up to date schedule of locations in Florida, please click here. Products range in price point from $9.50-$50, making them an affordable, eco-friendly, natural luxurious and effective alternative to the chemically-enhanced and induced skin care products most commonly found in the beauty market today.


What is the Rainfort Alliancees? 
The Rainforest Alliance is an organization established in the late 1980s to oversee the protection of natural resources and habitats. Their goals are to promote responsible forest management. It’s encouraging to see many companies partaking in the green movement, among them is Me and a Tree was founded by Michelle Touchstone. Why buy RAC (Rainforest Alliance Certified) products?Most of us rely on the use of forest products such as timber. While we cannot entirely stop using said products, we can prevent the overuse of a particular area. By shifting the areas of use, we allow them to replenish and create sustainability for our planet. I personally have questioned how we can help the planet without affecting our quality of the life. The answer is complicated. Inevitably, we have to compromise. It’s impossible for us to have all our comforts while sustaining the planet’s resources. We need to realize that many of the resources we waste are unnecessary. Me And A Tree’ founder and CEO, Michelle Touchstone, chose to purchase RAC products because she too sees the need to prolong our planet’s life. How does Rainforest Alliance help? The Rainforest Alliance organization helps provide wildlife habitat, prevents erosion, protects waterways, and prevents fire. Rainforest Alliance regulates the use of greenhouse gases, and fertilizers. The organization also helps the people whose livelihood is directly affected by these resources by creating fair wages and reducing the pollutants in the vicinity of their homes.
Me and a Tree also does social good by purchasing the soy they use in their candles from local farmers. Me and a Tree itself is a locally run business. When you purchase from Me and a Tree, you are supporting the local economy in multiple ways.
What does the frog logo mean?
Many companies have chosen to “follow the frog” the term coined by the Rainforest Alliance which means meeting the standards necessary to display the green frog logo on one’s merchandise. In today’s green movement, eco-friendly companies are seen as most desirable which is why many companies will chose to follow the RA standards.
Rainforest Alliance


 Money Talks News Segment Featuring Me And A Tree Entrepreneur Michelle Touchstone

  Money Talks News Segment Featuring Me And A Tree Entrepreneur Michelle Touchstone



 Me And A Tree Mindful City

 Written by: Isabel Brador

Tags: awesome soaps, mindfulcity, organic cosmetics, Me And A Tree

 The natural cosmetic market has become nearly impossible to navigate these days. Each visit to a farmer’s market yields a dizzying amount of options. Everyone seems to be peddling the next best soap, moisturizer, body lotion or perfume. Yet, have no fear because I’ve discovered the magic that is Me And A Tree.

The company was started by Michelle Touchstone who has been tinkering with natural cosmetics for most of her life and decided to bring her talents to the retail world. She actually does bear a resemblance to a pixie or fairy, and her products are equally magical. I bought her honey and oats soap ( it’s got a witty name “Be My Honey (& Oats Bar”), and I couldn’t be happier. No really, I honestly couldn't be happier.

First of all it smells divine, I had the soap bar in my room and within a few hours the entire room smelled amazing- a plus, because no one likes yucky smelling soap. Also, the bar lathers beautifully in the shower and leaves your skin smooth, moisturized and lightly scented without that nasty tight and dry feeling commercial (and some “organic” ) soaps leave behind. An added bonus, is that the bar actually has pieces of rolled oats in it making it a great exfoliator and moisturizer all in one.

If honey and oats aren’t your thing Michelle has soaps and moisturizers for every skin type and need. Her soap line ranges from Honeysuckle Jasmine bars to Eucalyptus and Pink Salt Spa Bar. I personally have got my eye on her Dead Sea Mud and Salt Spa Bar.

The best part, is that regardless of what you choose all of Michelle’s products are made from natural and organic ingredients, and are cruelty free. She makes it a priority to make sure her products are eco friendly as well, so there’s no guilt- that’s always good thing.

So if you’re at a farmer’s market and see a pixie logo and a stand of magical looking soaps, moisturizers and candles definitely stop in and buy some soaps. I can’t wait to go back for more!