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Me and a Tree Skin Care

Cedarwood Yuzu Loofah Bar Soap

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Cedarwood Yuzu Loofah Clay Natural Artisan Handcrafted Face & Body Vegan Bar Soap & Scrub is a superior quality pure essential oil bar with natural antibacterial properties.  Excellent exfoliating bar for the home or outdoor camping soap aficionado. Made with Cedarwood, Frankincense Essential Oil and pure ground Loofah and Japanese Yuzu, a citrus fruit with a warm pick me up. Effective relief for acne-prone skin. The addition of pure ground Loofah makes for a true spa scrub rejuvenating feel and experience. All-natural and safe for the environment.

The Yuzu Fruit has a history going back to Japan. Special Springs and Spas Baths are filled with aromatic citrus fruit which cleanses and nourishes the skin and allowing a beautifully tranquil experience to take place. A carefully blended spa bar that subtly enriches the senses with deep wood warmth and fragrantly light citrus afterglow. Truly a spa experience!

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