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Me and a Tree Skin Care

Honeysuckle Jasmine Soap Lotion Gift Set

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Our beautiful handpicked honeysuckle gift set is the perfect feminine gift collection choice to let them know of your deep appreciation, love, and friendship. Gift sets are the most appreciated way to share sentiments and kindness. Take pride in knowing you’re committed to helping support small businesses interested in naturally safe ingredients that preserve the environment while eliminating animal testing. Enjoy fresh uniquely made luxurious plant based body care & spa products that are naturally mind elevating, eco-friendly, and support a sustainable lifestyle of health & wellness. Our Me and a Tree Honeysuckle Jasmine Soap Lotion Gift Set combination includes:

Honey Blossom Natural Hand & Body Lotion Skin Care & Sun Relief Cream 6oz is handcrafted and beautifully balanced with Monoi De Tiare to please all ages of sophisticated, elegant women. Lightly scented with floral notes of White Jasmine and therapeutic Monoi de Tiare flowers for herbal healing. Perfect for those who prefer softer scents. This blended natural hand & body skin balancing body therapy lotions conditions tired, dry, flaky skin, as well as helps aid peeling and sun burnt skin and recovery. Rich in Vitamin E, and Jojoba known for their calming, skin-soothing properties helping hydrate and restore stressed skin to its natural healthy balance. Use for a calming therapeutic and rejuvenating massage after a long day. Additionally we added Borage Flower Oil, rich in gamma linoleic acid which help nourish dry problematic skin. Horsetail Plant which is high in silica and nutrient-rich minerals helps give this lotion a silky texture that absorbs quickly. Our natural plant-based natural skin care formulas help make this moisturizer a top choice for those desiring a healthy glow to the skin. 

Honeysuckle Jasmine Natural Vegan Artisan Handcrafted Beauty Soap 6oz-8.5oz Our Honeysuckle Jasmine Beauty Bar Soap combines the lovely floral fragrant flowers of Honeysuckle & Jasmine with subtle hints of Orange Blossom. This feminine-scented floral combination makes this artisan face, hair, and deodorant body bar soap a top-seller in our artisan line up and it has become one of our most highly requested skincare necessities.  Rose & Kaolin Clay make this gentle yet deep-pore-cleansing, skin-toning, skin benefit -a must for any serious skincare regime. Enjoy beautiful conditioning bubbly lather for a shampoo bar experience as well. Take delight in our specially formulated handcrafted luxury bars made for any true soap connoisseur. Including Unrefined Shea Butter, Cold-Pressed Olive Fruit Oil, Avocado Oil, Vit E, and more. Gently cleanses the face, hair, & body, leaving soft essential oils to balance, protect, and linger on the skin. Excellent all-in-one all body shampoo, body wash, facial cleanser, skin conditioning shaving bar. Beneficial detoxifying skin toning, pore refining, face and body cleansing mask.

Medical Grade Double Bristled Pore Cleansing & Collagen Stimulating Facial Brush for Men & Women. Double fine soft-bristle facial brush that sloughs dirt, oil, acne-causing build-up, and dead skin cells. Combines well with our detox, clay, or full-body soap bars. Stimulate circulation and build collagen production, which promotes more youthful-looking skin. Prevents blackheads from emerging by using a daily routine of gentle exfoliation. Medical-grade silicon extra fine bristles guarantee a gentle cleansing without irritation. The compact size allows for easy & convenient travel.