The Magic Of Emulsion Creams. Here's How To Protect Your Skin.

The Magic Of Emulsion Creams. Here's How To Protect Your Skin.

Best Plant Based Skin Creams To Protect Your Skin This Year

Depending on where you live or travel when the weather drops, there's less moisture for your skin. When winter arrives, the cold air wicks water away from our skin and creates dry micro patches that can crack and wrinkle our skin more quickly. This makes the more delicate and sensitive area of our face look more crepey and aged. No one wants crepey looking chicken skin. In a nutshell, winter (as well as summer) dehydrates our skin (and lips). Summer sun can do as much damage as the winter cold. Weather deeply affects our skin and, you'll want to protect and hydrate your skin and lips no matter what time of year it is.


Did you know that products that contain a specific ratio of water and plant botanicals -to-oils help your skin retain Moisture better?

You can easily help plump up your skin with products that help trap moisture without being overly greasy while feeding your skin at the same time.

Best Monoi De Tiare Face Cream Night Time
The best way to do this is to use a natural plant-based skincare line such as ME AND A TREE skincare line and be sure to select The Monoi de Tiare Night Cream or the Day Cream called Bright Eyes & Face with Zinc sunscreen which are both "emulsion creams.”

Many people prefer emulsions creams and lotions over pure oils and butters alone. Here's why. Using something like pure shea butter, coconut oil, or any oil depending on the ones used, can leave you looking overly shiny, oily, and well, greasy. Additionally, using pure body butter and heavy fatty oils (especially on the face) can also cause tiny clogged oil bumps under the skin.
I don't recommend applying shea butter directly to the face daily. There are superior and more beneficial plant materials to help keep your skin looking beautifully hydrated and balanced without the risk of sporting large pores, oil build-up, future chronic dryness, and possibly irritation.

Some of my most favorite plant botanical oils to be used in an emulsion are aloe vera, carrot seed oil, evening primrose, tamanu oil, borage oil, just to name a few. Those powerful plant based ingredients do not clog pores, are great for sensitive and normal skin alike and, help fight off free radicals (which are responsible for skin cancer, pre-mature aging, crepey skin, dark spots, and sun damage) while things like carrot and tamanu and the superior oils named above fortify and feed the skin.
The above mentioned plant based ingredients are more like "food for the skin" while at the same time being light and none-greasy while promoting the skins own ability to create and maintain balance while promoting new cell turn over.


Best in the world Bright Eyes & Face Day Time Skin Cream

Well formulated skin creams (emulsions) like Monoi De Tiare Night Time Face Cream or Bright Eyes & Face Day Cream with Zinc, or Honey Blossom Body Therapy Lotion can help your face and body drink better and look and feel more hydrated. So, no matter what the time of year or climate you find yourself in, having a natural plant based balanced skin lotion or face cream cream will help maintain smooth beautiful skin, and leave it supple.


All plant-based natural emulsions are great for summer, winter, and everything in between. They help your skin balance naturally by supplying water and oil in a symbiotic, synergistically balanced ratio. The skin will drink what it needs staying plump and hydrated without looking greasy and feeling heavy.

Believe it or not, things like pure coconut oil and shea butter applied directly to the skin in its raw form can be comedogenic (skin-irritating) to quite a few people and tends to be drying over time. The reason for this is that if you continuously put oil pure heavy oil on your skin day after day, you are teaching your skin to stop producing oil on its own in a natural manner. You are also possibly clogging your pores at the same time.


You don't want to apply too much oil every day because your face won't produce oil after a while. Using heavy oils on the face once in a while is okay but applying heavy nut butter such as shea butter or coconut oil daily is not ideal. Plus, you want your skin to breathe and also to have a good balance of water and oil, and if you only place heavy oil on your skin daily, you aren't helping your skin produce the balanced elements it needs- namely water.


By combining water and oils in an emulsion, you help mimic your skin's natural environment. Emulsion marry water molecules together with oils and sneak past the skins protective lock and key layer which helps moisturize and hydrate the deeper layer that need extra hydration. I enjoy body lotions with shea butter in them. Still, I genuinely prefer the shea butter (or heavier oils and butters) be added to other skin-balancing lighter oils, water, and plants in the ingredients for maximum absorption and protection.

Wherever you may find yourself this season make sure you have a good plant based all natural emulsion skin cream for your body and face. You want to keep your skin healthy by balancing the perfect amount of water and oil, and an emulsion is the best way to accomplish that. Beautiful skin doesn't need to be hard to attain since now you have taken the time to read this article and learn about the skin benefits of emulsions compared to shea butter, coconut oil, and heavier butters and oils alone. Remember, those oils are not bad in and of them selves however, remember that certain oils are better used for the face and other oils are best utilized with other ingredients that are more easily absorbed.


When combined with the right ratios using water, plants and oils, and when combined in an emulsion meant for the right purpose (face or body) delivered in a proper cream emulsion you get powerful results that are much better than a heavy butter or oil alone can deliver. So, now you understand a little bit about the science and will be able to select better alternatives when you shop for balanced skin care products.


Are you looking for an all-natural plant-based skincare formulation gentle enough to be used every day? We have a compete all in one face care kit that's great for your new skin care regime! It's purely natural and great for all skin types including dry skin, oily skin and especially combination skin!


We use pH balancing natural ingredients in all of our skin care formulations. Head on over to ME AND A TREE by following this link for the purely natural complete face care gift set kit and enjoy what hundreds of people are discovering about purely plant-based natural skincare from artisan brands like ME AND A TREE.

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