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The Benefits Of Vegan Skincare: What To Look For

The Ultimate Vegan Skincare Handbook Cruelty-Free Beauty


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If you're vegan or a cruelty-free skincare shopper, chances are you're familiar with the many vegan beauty brands on the market. But have you ever considered what freshly made small boutique brand vegan skincare products can do for your own health and longevity? Finding a 100% vegan skincare line is essential in seeking plant-based skincare.



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Plant-based vegan skincare products are 100& cruelty-free, rich in essential nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins, Like C, D, A, and E, and are naturally occurring in plants like Evening Primrose Oil, Borage Flower Oil, Tamanu, Avocado Oil, and Olive Fruit Oil. Combined with ingredients that are freshly made from flowers and plant extracts, it will enhance your skin's health dramatically as well as overall health, as your skin is the largest organ in your body!



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This blog post gives some tips on natural body care options that provide radiant and healthy skin without harmful ingredients. We'll also share how vegan beauty differs from non-vegan beauty cosmetics.

PAA (people also ask) What is a vegan skincare product?

Vegan skincare products do not contain animal-derived ingredients such as lanolin, beeswax, or honey. Such products typically include plant-based ingredients such as essential oils, fruit extracts, natural butter, and waxes. Vegan skincare products can also be free from synthetic fragrances, dyes, and preservatives. Many vegan skincare products are cruelty-free and made with sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients. Vegan skincare is an excellent option for those looking for natural alternatives to traditional beauty products that don't compromise quality or efficacy.


Why fresh small-batch vegan skincare care is best. 

Fresh ingredients in skincare are more potent! Think of the health benefits of freshly made food instead of the food sitting in a can. There's a reason why health experts encourage us to shop the parameter of the store! That's where all the living healthy food is! The extra healthy living food is watered! Food for thought. Canned food, not at all.


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Natural Plant Based Soaps For Face Clove  Men Women

Freshly made skincare in small batches will always be superior to big box store options because the fresh ingredients have more abundant nutrients as opposed to non-living items sitting on a shelf for many months or years. We need living enzymes to be healthy, and plants provide just that- even after they are picked.


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You do get what you pay for when it comes to ingredients. Natural skincare creams and lotions of today use fresh ingredients and natural preservatives which are healthier for the skin. Plant-based brands cater to people wanting the benefits of smooth, radiant, and healthy skin without the unwanted side effects of chemically laden cancer-causing ingredients often found in skincare and food.



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Where is your skincare brand manufactured? Is your cruelty-free cosmetics brand healthy?

Big box retailers often manufacture in places like China and other foreign countries with cheaper labor. Corporations need to make large profits to feed the machine. They don't always have the end user in mind. Moreover, determining whether a product is natural or organic requires additional effort, which is hard when crossing national lines. According to an article by FoodRevolution, China has a severe problem with its pollution levels, saying that "China suffers dire environmental pollution. China's soil and water sources contain large amounts of heavy metals, like lead and cadmium, released by industrial wastewater." Even if it were natural and organic, is it adulterated? How can you be sure?


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Big box companies also include more chemicals and fewer natural ingredients, adding harsher chemical preservatives to their product so that they may last on the shelf for years without breaking down. Using more natural ingredients is more expensive and cuts into profits. Big box brands often add cheap fillers with convincing "marketing messages" while including less natural ingredients and more inexpensive chemical fillers that harm the skin over time. Fresh ingredients are more expensive but are better for your skin and health. But manufacturers can't compete with a small mom-and-pop shop making everything from fresh organic plants, and time matters as fresh plants are what heal the skin. Time is of the essence. This is why smaller vegan boutique brands can significantly assist you with your goals of more beautiful and healthy skin.

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There are some problems with mass manufacturing. A big box brand's face cream, for example, must wait (yet again) in a warehouse distribution facility after it has been shipped out and eventually arrives in the United States. It might take months and months to design/produce, package, ship, arrive/hang out at the port, and distribute. In certain cases, especially with Covid, shipping can take many weeks, months, and even years.

When large cosmetic companies are dealing in volumes of that magnitude, they cannot use natural organic plant-based preservatives and, therefore, can't use organic ECO-CERTIFIED preservatives that are safe. They use cheaper, more chemically laden preservatives that, unfortunately, have been shown to negatively affect hormones and cause other serious health problems. Again freshly made skincare has an advantage. It works better, is non-toxic, and is used in natural and organic skincare- and gets better long-term results without damaging the skin or your health, not to mention the planet and animals.


Vegan Honesuckle Jasmin soap, Lotions and facial brush

Freshly made cruelty-free skincare serums & more ready when you want it!

Many people spend a lot of time learning to eat well but neglect to consider that their skin does so as well. While choosing plant-based, handcrafted artisan skincare, you'll never have to wait for a freshly made face cream or moisturizer since makers sell creams and serums in tiny fresh artisanal batches chock-full of live plant nutrients that your skin will eagerly consume. Artisan-made clay soaps, botanical smoothing body therapy lotion creams, and naturally enhanced body oils are all available and freshly created weekly and can last up to six months to a year.

Aloe Vera, CoQ10, Vitamin E, Zinc, Carrot Seed, and other powerful skin-enhancing ingredients are naturally healing for the skin and good for your health. They are safe for the ocean and environment as well as kid-friendly. If you want to enhance your complexion and health, choose plant-based all-natural skincare made in small batches by makers who are passionate about health and beauty.


Benefits of Sustainable Cruelty-Free Beauty Cosmetic Brands

- As we previously said, cruelty-free cosmetics are not tested on animals, which provides a moral and compassionate alternative to mainstream cosmetics. Why torment an innocent animal when there are so many better alternatives that are more healthy for you?


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- Another benefit of vegan plant-based cruelty-free beauty is that animal-based ingredients such as lanolin, beeswax, and other animal-derived oils are not present in vegan, plant-based cruelty-free beauty products. Cruelty-free is also an excellent option for vegan skincare aficionados because they may use a better product for the skin and human health while allowing animals to live fuller, more humane lives.



Cruelty-free cosmetics have additional advantages in terms of natural formulas. Cosmetics are as gorgeous and varied as nature herself. There are so many colorful plants, blossoms, seeds, and herbs that go into making natural skincare. The benefits of Mother Nature and the multiple health advantages of using plant-based skin care may be enjoyed via a variety of lovely herbs and clays that naturally smooth and close pores, along with healing scents that relax the mind. 

Best Vegan Chai Soap Bar For All skin types orange  chai


- With plant-based beauty body care, you can be sure that the ingredients used have been chosen precisely for their natural healing benefits for skin and hair. These ingredients include carefully blended essential oils, synergistic herbs, potent plant botanicals, and healthy skin-fortifying vitamins, making cruelty-free plant-based beauty an excellent choice for a more natural and healing skincare routine and will cater to those with particularly sensitive skin care needs as most vegan professional skin care ingredients are harmless and non-comedogenic (not irritating) and extra gentle on the skin, when made and used correctly. 


Best vegan skincare for moms and newborn babies gift set

- Finally, Finally, there is a variety of cruelty-free, plant-based skincare products to choose from. You can find natural skincare that will cater to your individual needs and preferences. Natural skincare, including children's gifts, vegan pet soaps, men's and women's unisex vegan plant-based body care, face creams to moisturizers to exfoliators, and even natural perfumed body sprays that are phthalate-free can be found here. Enjoy vegan natural organic bug repellents made with plants and essential oils that work to effectively repel mosquitos and flies. That is good news for you and your loved ones since fewer mosquito bites mean more health and less Zika virus, dengue, malaria, Chikungunya virus, and West Nile virus. 


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Me and a Tree (Vegan Skincare Brand) has a range of hydrating and moisturizing vegan natural skincare daily creams and moisturizers. They're hydrating and moisturizing for all skin types, and the plant-based bug repellents are made with all-natural ingredients without harming you or the environment; these cruelty-free products provide long-term moisture for the skin.

"Naked soaps" that are biodegradable and use eco-friendly minimal paper packaging are available from Me and a Tree, a well-known provider of soaps and gifts. Since we all use bar soap regularly, reducing the number of packaging materials required helps the environment. While getting superior-high-quality natural face, body, and hair care, it's a great way to help the oceans and environment.


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Understanding Eco-friendly & Cruelty-Free Vegan Skincare Labels

Many people are unaware of the "interesting" chemicals in non-plant-based cosmetics and skin care products. Animal products like lard, lanolin, urea (cow or horse urine), and other ingredients will not be used in Vegan Natural Skincare. Testing on rabbits, cats, horses or any other animals is obviously prohibited. You can be sure you're being kind and compassionate by using vegan natural skincare since plant-based items don't test this way. We have used time-tested plants for thousands of years, so we know the ingredients are healthy, beneficial, and safe.



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The vegan natural skincare and plant-based, whole-food way of life forgo the use of animal products or by-products, and vegan natural skincare is an important part. Instead, silkening oils like borage flower and golden jojoba are often used in vegan skincare products made from safe food and cosmetic-grade plant-based ingredients.

Hydrating balancing moisturizers containing primrose, rose oils, and aloe butter, as well as exfoliating polishing cleansers containing natural coffee and sugar with botanicals, help naturally plump the skin cells. People of all skin types, sensitivities, and complicated skin concerns can benefit from cruelty-free vegan skincare. Additional aromatherapy and skincare benefits are provided by most vegan skin care products that contain essential oils. Simultaneously soothe the skin and calm the mind-it's so simple.

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Non-gender-specific 100% vegan & cruelty free skincare. Keep bunnies safe!

Anyone can keep a bunny safe! Nature and plant essences are not geared towards a specific gender. Everyone can enjoy cruelty-free sandalwood, rose-hips, lavender, and eucalyptus because all are from natural plants and are by nature non-gender specific ingredients. Plant based essential oils and extracts are used generously and freely in professional vegan face and body care by "Me and a Tree." So, have confidence in gifting your loved ones too and show them you care about their health and wellbeing while being eco-friendly too.


How to incorporate cruelty-free skincare into your daily face care routine.

- Incorporating vegan skincare into your routine is similar to any skincare routine, but you'll want to switch out non-vegan products for plant-based vegan ones. 


- A cruelty-free product does not necessarily mean that it is vegan. A cruelty-free skincare product may still contain ingredients derived from animals, such as beeswax or oils. However, the brand promises to never test on animals, which means it doesn't use ingredients first tested on animals in its products. As time goes on, you will see more and more cosmetics that fall into this natural category.

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- When shopping for a plant-based and cruelty-free skincare item, look for the information on the front or back of the package or check their website. Some use honey, and some do not. Cruelty-free indicates that the brand is aware and committed to creating products without animal testing. 


- This includes beauty products like cleansers, moisturizers, and hair care products. A vegan natural skincare routine should include natural ingredients like coconut oil, natural cold-pressed oils, essential oils, flowers, and herbs. Look for ECOCERT preservatives which can only be used in natural and organic products. ECOCERT preservatives are 100% vegan and cruelty-free and are not estrogen mimickers. When shopping plant based apothecary, look for ingredients like carrot seed oil, shea butter, olive oil, Vitamin E, and Tamanu, and avoid these common animal-derived ingredients.


  • Collagen
  • Tallow
  • Urea
  • Lanolin.
  • Glycerol.
  • Guanine.
  • Squalene / Squalane (if animal derived)

Anyone can enjoy vegan natural skincare & eco friendly cruelty free cosmetics and skin care without being vegan.

Therefore, vegan skincare is not only for those who are vegan, but also for those interested in plant-based ingredients that have human health benefits.

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According to studies, vegan skincare products are often more natural and effective than vegan-free ones. Vegan plant-based skincare can help protect the skin from damage caused by the harmful effects of the sun and other environmental factors. Plus, vegan plant-based natural skincare products won't contain ingredients such as lanolin and tallow, to which some people are allergic. Vegan skincare products also are free of synthetic ingredients that can potentially harm the skin & health over time. All natural and organic skincare products often don't contain any harmful chemicals, such as sulfates and phthalates, which have been linked to cancers in lab studies. Check the labels.

best vegan patchouli lotion and soap gift set unisex

Vegan goddess skincare for you!

Because they make great skincare and self-care gifts, vegan and cruelty-free items are a must-have! Some of these brands include the benefit of aromatherapy formulated right into the product, which helps lower cortisol (stress) levels- something a chemically laden product cannot do. Always do your research before making a purchase to ensure the ingredients work well with your particular skin needs. The antioxidant CoQ10, which is a beneficial plant-based vegan ingredient, is often included in more high-end vegan plant-based skincare brands' time-tested formulations. 

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Ask a dermatologist: how vegan plant based & CoQ10 help skin?

CoQ10 is an antioxidant in skincare products that helps protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals, improving the skins' elasticity while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, CoQ10 can help to brighten the skin and give it a more youthful appearance. In addition, CoQ10 can help to protect the skin from damage caused by the sun and other environmental assaults.



Bright Eyes & Face Daytime Face Cream by Me and a Tree


Vegan Plant Based Skincare Health & Beyond

there are so many benefits to choosing 100% Vegan skincare. Natural vegan skincare helps the ocean reefs thrive by being pomace-free and oxybenzone-free. Plant-based vegan skincare ingredients break down faster, which helps soil health. If you want to look like a vegan goddess with glowing, radiant skin, then start today!

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How are antioxidants and superfoods supportive to vegan plant based morning routine?

Antioxidant skin-sloughing scrubs are formulated with cold-pressed antioxidants, such as Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Rose-hips, and skin-loving butter from the Horsetail Plant, which is high in silica which is beneficial for hair nails and skin. These herbal inclusions may balance the skin's pH to provide vitamins C, E, and K. They are typically rich in natural ingredients like fruit stem cells and water-rich botanical extracts.

People Also Ask: Is there acure for acne, rosacea & eczema?

Healthy skin will heal itself, and that includes acne, rosacea, eczema, and blemishes with the right care. Many vegan and cruelty-free cleanser brands offer vegan-friendly cleansing sets that contain a range of vegan natural skincare products for a completely healthy vitalizing eco-friendly face and body care routine.

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Me and a Tree is 100% paraben-free, sulfate-free, and formaldehyde-free skincare for sensitive skin, with emollients and cleansers to suit various skin types and needs. Vegan natural skincare options make great gifts for men women and kids. Opt for a cleanser specifically formulated for sensitive skin when searching for vegan plant based skincare especially if you have trouble finding one that suits you. Here is our favorite all-in-one vegan face care kit for men and women. 


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- Find a range of vegan professional skincare products that are plant-based and cruelty-free right here! Me and a Tree has been making face and body care formulations for over a decade catering to those looking for vegan eco friendly skincare that works for all skin types. You'll find all our products are cruelty-free products containing an ECOCERT preservative, and what one should look for when shopping for clean beauty as that tells you that all or almost all ingredients are natural and organic (even without being certified organic). Look for a cruelty-free label to ensure ethical standards.


Frequently Asked Questions about 100% vegan skin care


What Else Should I Add to My Vegan Skincare Routine?


Firstly, it's essential to know what cosmetic makeup remover and cleanser you want to use and if you want to shrink pores or moisturize. Make sure you read the ingredients list and double-check whether they are vegan-friendly. You can also opt for natural oil-based serum elixirs that effectively remove mascara and makeup while conditioning and fortifying the delicate area around the eyes. We recommend Me and a Tree's Serum Elixir with antioxidants right here which is also amazingly helpful for the reduction in the appearance of dark spots, rosacea, and fine lines.


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What are the best vegan tips for healthy vibrant skin?


Good skin can be achieved by using high-quality vegan skincare products and avoiding conventional skincare products with synthetic ingredients linked to health issues such as cancer, respiratory issues, hormone disruption, and more. Always look for face creams and body lotions including bar soaps made with natural ingredients and read up on common toxic ingredients in skin care products to know what to avoid. Additionally, always apply daytime face creams and night time face creams including body lotion products to the skin that can be easily absorbed and tolerated. With these simple steps, you are well on achieving beautiful and youthful supple skin!


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Best eco-friendly vegan natural skincare packaging


Because skincare is made using water and its derivatives, creams and lotions must be packaged in a non-porous environment in order not to grow bacteria that can cause skin infections and blindness in some cases. Glass is a great option but not safe for bathrooms, bathtubs and showers, nor is it as safe for children, infants, and pets. Glass also adds considerable weight and not as travel friendly. 


all in one 100% natural vegan soaps with eco-friendly packaging

Glass is certainly more eco-friendly but raises the weight of shipped packages costing consumers a little more. It doesn't necessarily solve the carbon footprint problem as it weighs down the carrier, costing more gas, however it is better than the alternative.  Paper packaging is biodegradable but may be unsanitary after a few uses as it readily breaks down when coming into contact with your shower steam, oily fingers, and wet sink area. We have found paper packaging great for soap but for creams or watery solutions, it may sound nice in theory, but is not a viable option for creams and lotions due to bacterial growth and the permeability of paper. Glass while eco-friendly isn't always the safest option for those with families with kids, or as convenient for those wanting to pack light, and those who travel often as glass can break more easily.

charcoal & kaolin clay vegan face bar for sensitive skin


Some feel metal or aluminum is better than plastic and we are switching some products to it as well. We use naked packaging on all our soap offerings which makes a substantial positive impact on the environment. We also use BPA-free and recyclable packaging as well as glass for our liquid containers and skincare line. We are exploring all options including moving to “refillables” which would reduce further the plastics in the world.  Cosmetic container manufacturers will make even better options with materials that are more economical and available for makers in the years to come as we are living in times of change and we look forward to what the future holds for eco packaging options.


Lemograss & french green clay face body shampoo bar vegan

Me and a Tree Vegan Skincare options offer a specialized skincare range with 100% vegan body care products made in the USA in recyclable packaging and BPA-free. Enjoy 100% PURE ingredients, including certified organic wildcrafted & natural ingredients along with naked packaging on all our soaps.


ance bar for sensitive skin vegan spearmint face body shampoo bar soap

What's your natural vegan skincare routine?

Depending on the season, skin may feel dry or oily. I usually start my skincare routine with a gentle cleanser, which in my case is a bar soap made for sensitive skin that is sustainable with naked packaging like this one right here, followed by my favorite made-for-sensitive skin face serum to combat sun damage and age spots. Then I apply my daily moisturizer with SPF (essential!) and a lovely night cream made with skin smoothing Monoi de Tiare Flowers before bed. I enjoy sharing my skincare creations along with skin-loving natural ingredients like aloe vera, coconut oil, chamomile, and avocado oil in combination with the rest of my vegan-friendly plant based bath and body care line for the whole family.


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Which is better: DIY or store-bought skincare products?

It really depends on your skin type, budget, and personal preference. Small boutique brand skincare products are often more environmentally friendly than big box store-bought products, plus they can be tailored to specific skin types, making them an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin. DIY skincare products made for fun at home can be a nice introduction to the world of skincare.


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Are there any risks to using DIY cosmetics?

There's always a risk when using products with ingredients you're not familiar with, but that goes for store-bought skincare products as well. I would recommend doing a patch test on your skin before using any new product, whether it's store-bought or handmade. In terms of efficacy, results will vary depending on the ingredients, experience, and quality of the product.

Are you considering selling vegan professional skincare?

I had to study chemistry and take many courses as a skincare formulator and artisan brand and maker. Since 2010, I've been making skincare. That's over a decade! During those years, I've witnessed a lot of do-it-yourself entrepreneurs take serious risks. Natural doesn't always mean something is harmless for the skin simply because it is plant-based. When applying pure strength essential oils to the skin or swallowing drops of essential oils, your skin health and digestion track is at risk for burns and erosion. I have seen it. I have warned others. There is a way to properly use essential oils, most always with a fat or carrier oil such as olive, almond, or coconut oil.


pure french lavender essential oil drops

Another thing I see DIY'ers doing is calling grapefruit seed extract a "natural preservative" when it is not. People need to be educated on essential oils, ingredients, skin safety, and GMP practices- and you should be careful purchasing from them without asking questions. You want to be leery of people saying grapefruit seed extract and essential oils are "natural preservatives" by themselves because they are not and creams made without proper preservatives can cause nasty skin reactions and allow bacteria to grow resulting in harm. 

rosemary citrus sage essential oil vegan soy candle bamboo lid

Buy from reputable vegan natural skincare makers (look at their testimonials and FB pages) and assure yourself that they have the knowledge and follow good manufacturing practices. Cosmetics and vegan natural skincare need a broad spectrum of gram-negative and gram-positive preservatives if making anything containing water (excluding soap). If one denies this, one does not understand these things and should not be making vegan plant based skincare or educating the public. Unfortunately, I see it all too often in MLM essential oil reps that need more training other than marketing materials.



What are the benefits of a vegan diet & skin health?


Plants offer many potential skin and health benefits. Plant-based, whole-food, vegan eating choices can reduce risks of chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes due to their lower fat content and higher nutrient-dense ingredients. Just because it's vegan food doesn't mean it's always healthy. It needs to be a real "whole food." Due to their plant-based origin, a well-balanced whole food plant-based diet is often rich in vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, which may help us fight different kinds of cancer while also naturally improving collagen in our skin. Think fruits, non-GMO grains, beans, nuts, and vegetables for the best health and skin results.



Vegan beauty and vegan natural skincare products are incredibly beneficial as they avoid toxins and impurities that might harm your skin or body. Makers passionate about health constantly learn and expand their knowledge while searching for high-quality plant-based ingredients. You may benefit from their research and development giving you more time to spend doing the things you love, like working, traveling, raising kids, or studying. Making vegan professional skin care is a full time job and expensive as a hobby. We take courses in aromatherapy, skin, cosmetic manufacturing, FDA compliance and more. Leave it to the professionals is my motto, and I enjoy creating top-quality plant-based options from a small boutique brands perspective and specialize in this area.

Living A plant-based & whole-food lifestyle

Plant based eating and living is shown in studies to extend life, increase energy, and preserve healthier skin and bones. Because it avoids non-plant-derived goods and manufacturing processes related to them, it's also eco-friendly and cruelty-free and avoids the sad situation of animals confined to small spaces and low quality of life. Plant based living has a lower ecological footprint than other non-vegan diets which supports the health of our planet.



Whole food plant-based vegetarian or vegan diet encompasses a positive, conscious, and healthy life. A whole food plant-based diet can provide numerous health benefits such as improved digestion, increased energy levels, better skin health, improved sleep quality, and weight loss. Furthermore, a plant-based lifestyle has environmental benefits as it reduces the demand for animal products and can help reduce water and energy consumption.



Does being vegan mean I can't use any skincare products or cosmetics?


Being vegan does not mean you cannot enjoy skincare products or cosmetics. In fact, there is a wide range of vegan-friendly natural skincare cosmetics available on the market that are cruelty-free, high-quality, and don't use any animal ingredients.



Vegan plant-based skincare is produced without any ingredients that come from animals and often without animal testing. Popular vegan natural skincare products include facial creams, moisturizers, cleansers, and exfoliators.


Vegan skin products offer many benefits, such as eliminating many chemical ingredients and relying on natural plant-based ingredients such as rose water hydrosol and chamomile extract, which absorb into the pores better, help with acne, and have no animal testing to worry about. So if you want to enjoy cruelty-free beauty products, vegan plant based skincare is the natural and ethical choice for many looking for cleaner living and superior alternatives.



Eye with natural mascara made from plants

Are there any 100% eco friendly cruelty-free vegan skincare makeup options?

There are a number of vegan skincare brands that make eco-friendly, cruelty-free products. One such brand is Me and a Tree which offers natural skincare cosmetics made from ingredients that are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Their products range from skincare to herbal creations, and hair care, all of which use natural ingredients that are good for your skin.

PAA (People also ask): What mascara and foundation can I use that is vegan?

For foundation, avoid products that contain lanolin or squalene, as these ingredients often come from animals. Instead, choose foundations with plant-based oils such as coconut oil or jojoba oil. For mascara, look for brands that don't use beeswax if that is something you prefer not to use, as beeswax is an animal product but probably the most safe considering the chemical alternatives.

Girl holding foundation brush




An eco friendly vegan natural skincare routine is beneficial for maintaining radiant and healthy-looking skin. Choosing natural helps reduce skin sensitivity and prevents further skin damage caused by exposure to pollutants, chemicals, and artificial non vegan skincare products. Using vegan natural skincare ingredients is also a form of self-care. There are many vegan professional skincare options to choose. Your lifestyle choices and general outlook on life have an impact on the health of your skin as well. So, if you want to look healthy, and have vibrant skin without surgery, you have many options to pick from! So, make informed decisions, be kind to animals, and respect Mother Nature! If you wish to learn more about cruelty-free beauty, and wellness, our community can help you outJoin us today!


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