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Me and a Tree Skincare

French Lavender Essential Oil Drops

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Pure French Lavender Skin Care Essential Oil Drops .50 oz.  The uses of lavender oil is endless. From the home to the spas and all over the world French Lavender is also widely used in aromatherapy. Its calming, skin relieving, bacterial fighting and antiseptic properties make this oil highly sought out for. Research has shown that lavender oil promotes the healing of skin tissue, burns, cuts, scrapes, lightens hyperpigmentation, treats inflamed acne, scalp irritation and more, Relax and de-stress with our 100 percent pure French Lavender. Our French lavender Drop can be used in a relaxing bath or shower with just a few drops added to shampoo. Lavender is known for its calming properties and great aroma for a massage or bedtime. Lavender has a wonderful smell. Its aroma can literally calm down your nervous system

Our Pure Eucalyptus Essential Therapy Drops can also be used in a diffuser, relaxing steam bath or shower The best way to use Lavender oil is an oil diffuser, lotion, cream or soap 

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