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4 Secret Benefits of Borage You'll Love

borage star flower
Ever heard of borage oil? This super-nutrient is going to change the way you look at skincare! Learn more here

Valentine's Day 2019: Skin Products You Deserve To Know About for the Big Day

Gift Sets Heart
When it comes to pampering your loved ones, or even yourself, we know a thing or two. Learn more about the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts here.

Where Does All the Time Go?

Where Does All the Time Go?
I often hear people say "Time flies!" or "I don't have enough hours in a day to do XYZ." Does time go to that nebulous place that the other missin...

Calcium and Heart Health

Calcium and Heart Health
Michelle is the founder and formulator for all Me and a Tree Products. If you'd like to join our healthy news newsletter please visit our website at and subscribe to our skincare newsletter and ask to be added to the healthy tips additional emailer that goes out periodically.

Is a Vegan Lifestyle Really Healthy (Part 2)

If you followed my last blog "Is a Vegan Lifestyle Really Healthy (Part 1)" then you may be here again for "Part 2" and wanting some more ideas. I ...

Is a Vegan Lifestyle Really Healthy? Part 1 (Nutrition)

Vegan food, Vegan Clothing, the Vegan Lifestyle. It's pretty much everywhere these days. But why choose a vegan plant-based meal over a balanced me...

Did you know we are MORE than a Name?

I am so excited! It's been a few months of searching for a new name for Pixie Dust Naturals. We sent out a questionnaire asking for our loyal custo...