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Calm Aromatherapy Body Detox Soak

Calm Aromatherapy Body Detox Soak

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De-stress calm and detox your mind body and soul with our Calm Aromatherapy Body Detox Soak 7oz. Handmade with Michelle's calming blend of essential oils to bring tranquility into your home or spa, steam bath or shower and hot tub. Relaxing & mental clarity full immersion aromatherapy treatment! It can be used as a full bath immersion, or a body scrub in the shower when applied directly to affected areas such as the lower back and feet. Calm leaves you relaxed and rejuvenated while removing dead dry patches leaving the your skin feeling soft, renewed with a natural glow. 

 Application: For best results begin in a warm shower or steam bath and add 1/4 of packet or more as desired. Packet contains 4 servings. For an unforgettable foot scrub soak feet in warm water apply a quarter size amount to feet and scrub lightly until crystals have dissolved. For full body bath immersion add 1/4 of packet to a warm bath and relax. Rinse and pat dry. For jet tubs or steam rooms place a scoop into essential basin and enjoy. 

*Use with caution when applying in shower as oil may make tub slippery. Avoid direct contact with face, eyes, nose and sensitive areas of the body.


Full Ingredients

Calm Aromatherapy Body Detox Soak - Proprietary Essential Oil Blend, Magnesium Sulfate (Salt)

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