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Salvation Natural Organic Skin Calming Salve

Salvation Natural Organic Skin Calming Salve

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Natural Organic Salvation Skin Salve 2 oz
Introducing ME and a Tree's Salvation Herbal Salve – Your Natural All-Purpose Healer!

Discover the true essence of healing with Salvation Herbal Salve, an artisanal creation carefully crafted for your well-being and skin. This purely natural remedy holds the power of four times concentration of herbal treasures, providing ultimate skin-soothing relief, and serving as a natural burn salve, emollient soft balm, and calming skin recovery aid, muscle ache support, and is enriched with potent plant-based antiseptic properties, and calming healing essential oils.

A Little Jar with Boundless Benefits: Treat yourself to a wonderful aid that fits right into your first aid kit or purse. Whether you're a nurse, doctor, gardener, hiker, mechanic, cook, or someone whose hands are always busy, Salvation Herbal Salve is your trusted companion. Its natural healing properties work harmoniously to support your body's recovery from burns, scrapes, cuts, stings, bites, sunburns, and even freshly-inked tattoos.

Nature's Bounty, Thoughtfully Blended: We take pride in using only the finest organically grown and hand-selected herbs in our salve. Infused with a naturally concentrated method, our proprietary blend includes Organic Plantain, Organic Comfrey, Wild Crafted Marshmallow, Organic Nettle Leaf, Organic Calendula, Organic Marigold, Yarrow, Aloe, Jojoba, German Chamomile, Organic Lavender, Tamanu, and Vitamin E – all sourced with care to obtain the maximum healing plant constituents.

A Touch of Wildcrafting and Care: With Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil as its base, our salve incorporates the wildcrafted goodness of our own plants. This ensures that every jar is infused with the essence of nature and crafted with love by an experienced herbalist.

Embrace the Healing Power of Nature: Salvation Herbal Salve embodies the wisdom of herbalism, offering a natural approach to rejuvenating your skin. From the first application, you'll feel the difference as your skin experiences the gentle touch of our herbal remedy. The scent is calming and healing for mind, body, & soul. 

Unleash the healing potential of Salvation Herbal Salve and feel the wonders of nature's touch. Let ME and a Tree be your trusted companion on your healing journey, providing the care and nourishment your skin deserves.


Soothing Relief: Concentrated herbal blend offers ultimate comfort for burns, cuts, stings, and more.

Multi-Purpose: Natural burn salve, soft balm, skin recovery aid, muscle ache support, and antiseptic properties.

Portable Support: Compact jar fits in first aid kits, purses; ideal for nurses, hikers, gardeners, and busy individuals.

Organic Excellence: Premium organic herbs like Plantain, Comfrey, Marshmallow, Nettle Leaf, Calendula, and more.

Nature-Infused: Crafted with wildcrafted goodness, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, harnessing nature's essence.

Calming Aroma: Healing scents offer holistic rejuvenation for mind, body, and soul.

Revitalizing: Experience skin renewal with the gentle touch of herbal remedy from first application.

Trusted Companion: Let ME and a Tree's Salvation Herbal Salve nurture your skins healing journey with nature's care.

Full Ingredients

Olive Fruit Oil, Plantain, Comfrey, Borage, Marshmallow
Nettle Leaf , Calendula, Marigold ,Yarrow, Bees Wax, Aloe,
Jojoba, German Chamomile, Lavender, Tamanu,
Proprietary Essential Oil Blend,

Best Application

Gently massage a thin layer of our Salvation Comfrey Plantain Salve to the affected area, allowing the natural healing properties to work their magic. Ideal for soothing burns, cuts, bites, and more.

Keep it handy in your first aid kit, purse, or pocket for instant relief.

Perfect for nurses, gardeners, mechanics, and anyone in need of quick, effective skin care. Experience the power of nature's healing touch with every application.

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