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Me and a Tree Skin Care

Honeysuckle Jasmine Candle Soap Skin Care Gift Set

Honeysuckle Jasmine Candle Soap Skin Care Gift Set

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Our Best Honeysuckle Jasmine Candle Soap Skin Care Gift Set Includes:

Our long-burning Honeysuckle Jasmine Aromatherapy Candle 8oz is a soft clean floral scent in a beautiful glass jar complete with a pewter lid that allows light to cascade all around the room like a blossom. This scent is perfect for a long bath or an uplifting room scent.  It's like stepping into a Japanese spa garden. Handcrafted and infused with 100% soy wax, essential natural oils, and a lead-free cotton wick. Our soy candles fill up a room and are great for parties, the bath, a romantic dinner, or a pleasant uplifting massage. Honeysuckle delivers a sweet Honeysuckle Jasmine scent your likely to indulge in anytime, & for any and all occasion! Weddings, Showers, etc.


Our Honeysuckle Jasmine Natural Vegan Artisan Handcrafted Beauty Soap 6oz-8.5oz 

Our Honeysuckle Jasmine with Gentle Rose Clay Soap Bar is a popular mild clay facial and body cleansing bar soap. Honeysuckle Jasmine with Gentle Rose Clay is a deep but gentle pore cleansing and skin toning favorite.  Made with pure Unrefined Shea Butter, Cold-Pressed Olive Fruit Oil, and more.  Softly cleanses the skin with essentials that linger. Excellent all-in-one shampoo, body wash, facial and smooth shaving soap, and detox mask


Our Natural Soap Pouch Face & Body Scrub Exfoliator. Reef Safe. No synthetic fibers. Great for dry brushing dead skin before an oil massage treatment. Can be used as an exfoliating mitten or soap pouch to bathe, lather and break up hard oils trapped on your skin. 100 percent natural and safe for the environment. 


Soap Mask Application:

Superior daily cleansing soap. For best results apply warm water or steam to face or body while creating a thick lather. Lather with a mild to medium face brush then sit back for 5 minutes or until the mask is fully dry. We recommend 1-2 mask treatments a week especially those with oilier than normal skin. When mask is air-dried return to steam and warm water to remove. Clay or mud bars work best when your pores are open. For best results gently remove soap with steam or warm water to remove soap mask.


Full Ingredients

Honeysuckle Jasmine Clay Bar Soap - Cold Processed Virgin Olive Fruit Oil, Organic
Coconut Oil, Organic & Sustainable Palm & Palm
Kernel Oil, Castor Oil, Unrefined Shea Butter, Almond
Oil Avocado Oil, Essential Oil Blend, Rose
Clay, Kaolin Clay, Grape Fruit Seed Extract Vit E

Honeysuckle Jasmine Soy Candle - 100 Percent Sustainable, Biodegradable Eco-Soy, Lead Free Cotton Wick, Proprietary Essential Oil Blend

Soap Exfoliating Pouch - Sustainable Biodegradable Sisal Plant Fiber

Best Application

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