Me and a Tree Skincare | Return Policy Order Delivery

  • Deliveries to residential areas (private homes) are covered and insured. 
  • Packages under $99 come with insurance and delivery confirmation. Packages over $100 come with insurance and delivery confirmation. If a package has been signed for at your residential address, you are responsible. If you desire signature confirmation please put that in the note before checking out. but please understand that if you are not hime, you will need to go to the post office and pick up. If package gets sent back due to you not picking up within allotted time for your post office you will be charged a re-shipping fee to resend package to you once package is returned back to us. We ship and provide you with everything you need to locate a missing package through your local postal facility. We provide this link (quick video on how to file a claim) as a courtesy to you and this link (file a claim online) as well, to make it easier to call, or file and give your tracking information and locate your package through the USPS.  We add "delivery confirmation" on all orders over $100 so that you are covered by USPS insurance and/or replacement. Orders that are not received must be followed up through the USPS using 1-800-ASK-USPS. If you need to file a claim use the link below (as a courtesy we provided a link) to USPS FILE A CLAIM ONLINE through web page If this link becomes broken please search "filing a claim for USPS" online. We strongly recommend mailing items to trusted and safe residential areas as well as making sure people are at home to receive your packages. If you are unable to be at home, your order will be held at the post office in your city. Make sure you know the sorting facility for your area. Sometimes there are a few in a small radius of your area. If your order included "delivery confirmation" you will need to file a claim for not receiving the order (use the same link above) and file a claim. We provide everything you need to follow up with your local post office. We are not able to do that for you due to time and not being local to your area. You must go through your own USPS using your tracking number which is sent in the email you provided at time od order or in your account (check your junk folder for shipping info). We are a small artisan company and would not be able to run our business efficiently and follow up on everyone's delayed packages. Please understand. Make provisions and follow-up using links above and obtain your tracking numbers from your orders in your emails that are sent with every order.
  • Wrong Address. It's not possible for us to make an address error as our online shopping system goes by what you input/add into the system when you order. You must proofread your own address! We do not replace items due to customer error. Our system is built to send exactly to the address you provide. We do this to make sure we do not make mistakes on our end. It's a system fail proof method. If you made an error login to your account and change your address. If your package hasn't been sent out yet then it will get a printed label with the correct address. If it has already gone out, make the corrections so your next order will get to the correct address. You may want to check the address you accidentally sent it to and/or call your local post office. 1-800-ASK-USPS to see if you can bring your identification and pick up items at your post office.
  • Deliveries to Dorms & Apartments. You are responsible for deciding where and how you would like to receive your deliveries. We HIGHLY recommend send to a trusted residential address. It's your choice and your responsibility. We do not replace items that are delivered to a place of destination that has a "delivery confirmation" if it's a dorm or place of business.  If you are missing a delivery - please file a claim using the colored link above or call your local USPS. 1-800-ASK-USPS
  • Stolen or Missing Packages. If your order is not received and becomes "lost" there is an online form on the USPS  website that will need to be filled out by you the customer. It is an easy form and you will receive email updates from your carrier. We provided the link as a courtesy here- We do not track packages for you. We simply provide you with the tracking number once items have left our facility. We strongly urge customers to deliver to a residential address.
  • Wrong or Missing Items From Order. If your order has the wrong item resulting from a mistake on our end and is different from what is listed on your order form that you input, we will gladly pay for re-shipping your order free of charge. Our system only reprints what you input. Double check your order before finalizing.
  • Damaged Package. If your package shows unusual damage DO NOT ACCEPT THE PACKAGE. Package must be denied and sent back to our facility and received in order for us to replace contents and resend at our expense.
  • Return Policy. Our policy is that ALL SALES ARE FINAL. If a seal has been broken or item used we can not accept any returns - no exceptions. Soaps also fall into this category because of the nature of them. All sales are final. If you have an unusual request, all unusual return requests are handled on a case by case basis. Click here and complete the form & allow  7-10 business days for an accurate response. Thank you!