Refund Policy

Refund policy


All Me and a Tree products are handmade with pure natural ingredients and processing that are more costly than conventional skincare. They are handmade in small batches to secure the highest integrity in every product free of any defect. Products are made fresh daily with genuine labor and keeping our cost of production moderate is as important as our valued customers who support our mission and vision. We are a family-owned and operated business based on a mission of providing eco-friendly and cruelty-free skincare for the health-conscious and bring awareness to those seeking an excellent natural skincare line.

All sales are final. All our products are carefully created and processed with exceptional care and quality using small batching organic methods to ensure the best quality and purity. We carefully monitor our products all throughout packaging and shipping. We do not accept any returns for exchanges. If you have an unusual request, please contact us via email and allow 3-10 business days for a response. Thank you for your support

All Gift Card sales are final and expire after one year from purchase date. If you are emailing a gift card to someone make sure recipient information is correct. Me and a Tree Skincare Inc is not responsible for any Gift Card transactions due to customer email error. We recommend all Gift Card purchasers to verify recipient email prior to Gift Card delivery. 

Loyalty Discounts Promotion & Coupon Codes cannot be applied together. One code or coupon allowed per purchase per business day. Allow 24-48 hours for system loyalty accrual voucher approval after purchase to use your loyalty rewards. 


Shipping & Online Order Questions & Answers

Q) Is my order insured & protected?
A) Deliveries to Residential Areas (Private Homes) are covered and insured. Packages under $99 come with insurance and delivery confirmation. Packages over $100 come with insurance and proof of signature. Always make sure you trust where you are sending packages to. Hotels and colleges are not covered for reship if items are stolen. Businesses that sign for your delivery are also not covered for a reship if a signature is obtained.

Q) I missed my delivery or did not receive my order how do I track it?
A) You were sent a tracking number when your order was made (check your spam folder) or log on to your account. If an order is marked "delivered" but you are still missing it- please contact us via email and let us know. Be prepared to go to your local post office to pick it up before it is sent back. All orders must be received back in our facility before we reship an order so, checking for your order at your post office will ensure you get your package in a timely manner.
Always make sure to have a package sent to a secure location. Hotels and Colleges are common for losing packages and having them stolen so be smart and make sure you have a secure place you are sending to. We can not and do not ship to P.O. Boxes.

Q) Order received but items missing or incorrect.
A) We take pictures and document all orders going out to order form. We will send free of charge any order that was incorrect on our part. We do not cover mistakes on your end (ie: incorrect number or the wrong item ordered). Always double check your order form before purchasing. 

Q) Package delivered to the wrong address.
A) We do not change or re-write addresses from your online orders form. We simply mail out to wherever you input into your online account. You are responsible for spell checking and confirming your own address. We will not reship an order if the mistake is an incorrectly submitted address. We do not replace items due to customer error. Our system is built to send exactly to the address you provide. We do this to make sure we do not make mistakes on our end. It's a system fail-proof method. If you made an error or relocated to a new address login to your account and update your address. If you accidentally sent your order to a wrong address call your local post office 1-800-ASK-USPS to see if you can bring your identification and pick up items at your post office.

Q) Wrong or missing items from your online order  
A) If your online order has the wrong item resulting from a mistake on our end and is different from what is listed on your order form that you input, we will gladly pay for re-shipping your order free of charge. Our system only reprints what you add. Double-check your order before finalizing it.

Q) Damaged packages.
A) If your package shows unusual damage DO NOT ACCEPT THE PACKAGE. 
The package must be denied and sent back to our facility in order for us to replace the contents and resend your order out at our expense.