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Natural Face Skin Care Carrot Tamanu Miracle Serum Elixir

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Best Natural Face Serum Elixir Fine Lines Wrinkles


Natural Face Skin Care Carrot Tamanu Miracle Serum Elixir (and more) .25 oz & .50 oz. 
Recommended for mature skin. This face oil is truly a promising facial serum but it's more than that. Formulated with pure Tamanu, Carrot Seed Oil, Borage Oil, Avocado Oil, Geranium Oil, Primrose Oil, Lavender Vitamin E, and a proprietary blend of plant & flower extracts. This botanical blend is used to add vital tone & elasticity to the skin. Helping dark spots fade & skin to fortify before sunspots appear. This unique topical oil encourages new skin and your body's natural cellular turn-over. This facial serum is also extremely helpful for itchy rashy skin & is a multi-purpose must-have for any medicine cabinet. May be used on fine lines & wrinkles, sun spots, insect bites, cuts, itching, redness, & irritation. Helps support the skin's natural healing & recovery ability.

Application: Gently shake before use and apply 1-3 drop morning and night to fine lines and wrinkles and affected or red areas, using a gentle circular motion. Store in a cool, dry place away from light. 

Eco-Friendly, Vegan, Gluten-Free and Cruelty-Free

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