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How Soy Is Helping Me Through Perimenopause (Hormone Changes)

Some women such as myself, are declining in estrogen. We need help. I suspected I was declining in estrogen because my skin dramatically changed in a short time. I knew my body needed a boost to help produce the estrogen that was naturally declining. I had that monthly headache from hell, a classic sign of declining estrogen levels.  I am at the beautiful part of my life where clearly I am a changing woman. Not only am I a changing woman, but I found getting answers (especially dependable natural answers) very difficult to come by.  I am not in menopause yet (a woman must go without a period for 1 year before she is in official menopause), but my body is going through peri-menopause which...

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Simple Stretch for Lower Back on the Yoga Trapeze

That's me in the stretch trapeze doing a lower back stretch before I make soap today! Lotus In Love and Dead Sea along with a few others.  I am a fairly active person. Living in South Florida I enjoy my life. I run, swim, work with my body and hands making soaps, and body care for hours at a time, snorkel and scuba dive. I like staying in good shape so I can enjoy all the things I love and that bring joy to my life. Being pain-free helps me smile through all my years. Having back pain would hinder my life a lot. So I stretch. I like keeping it fun too.  According to a study published by, lower back pain is on...

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Where Does All the Time Go?

I often hear people say "Time flies!" or "I don't have enough hours in a day to do XYZ." Does time go to that nebulous place that the other missing socks go? My socks seem to vanish into the thin hot air! Is time getting sucked out from under you too? It's kinda funny if you think about it for a second. We all have the same amount of hours in a day, yet some people seem to get more accomplished more than others. Why? We all know there are eight good productive hours in a day but why does it feel like we don't have any extra time for ourselves? Where does all that time beautiful time go?  More and more people I talk to share...

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