The Dirty Little Secret of "Good" Ingredients: Why Less Can Be More (and How to Spot the Dupes)

The Dirty Little Secret of "Good" Ingredients: Why Less Can Be More (and How to Spot the Dupes)

Hey Me and a Tree fam, what's blossoming in your skincare world today? 

Ready to dive into a healthy dose of truth about those beautiful "natural" ingredients gracing your vanity shelves? Buckle up, because we're about to rip the lid off a little secret – not all natural ingredients are created equal. Shocking, right? Well, hold onto your avocado pits, because we're about to dissect the difference between whole food goodness in skincare and its sometimes not-so-good-for-you cousins.

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The Food Jar Analogy: A Bite-Sized Lesson in Ingredient Dilution

Imagine you are low on protein. Now imagine an 16 oz jar filled with protein-packed quinoa, veggies, and all the healthy fixings to perfectly meet your protein needs. Great, right? Now, picture yourself adding a piece of watermelon, then some cantaloupe, oh hey, and then some big round rice crackers too, because why not? Wait! Stop! Remember, the jar can only hold 16 oz. With each new addition, something else must be removed, and don't forget that your protein levels are already low. The issue isn't that the additional ingredients are necessarily bad; it's just that by reducing the main ingredient, you won't be able to obtain enough protein to meet the body's needs.. ⚖️

That's precisely what happens with those super-long ingredient lists. Every minuscule fancy ingredient that you see might sound attractive however, it falls short in fulfilling the skin's daily requirements and it comes at a cost: You receive fewer essential ingredients for truly transformative and gorgeous skin. It's like diluting your quinoa dish with multiple random slivers of bites – you might end up eating a meal, but are you getting the actual nourishment you need?


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The Science Behind Skincare: The Impact of Ingredient Overload

The art of chemistry allows us to mix various components, but an overabundance can weaken the strength of each. While having a bit of everything may be enticing, it ultimately leads to tiny quantities of each ingredient, making them inadequate for achieving tangible outcomes.

View your skin as a "special occasion." Only a limited number of plant chemicals are invited to the highly desired guest list. When the roster overflows, certain advantageous molecules are left on the sidelines, unable to effectively showcase their miraculous properties. A deluge of skincare components may fall short in addressing fundamental skin issues. Nutrition.

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Forget ingredient overload, because that one bottle itself might be a dilution station. Imagine staring at a sprawling map of exotic islands, promising adventure in each speck. But upon arrival, you find each island barely bigger than a sandbar, barely enough to stretch out on. That's the disappointment of many long-list skincare products. Sure, the ingredient list reads like a who's-who of trendy extracts, but the reality is a letdown. Like those tiny islands, each ingredient is present in such minuscule amounts, its potential impact evaporates like ocean mist. You're left with a product that barely whispers benefits, not one that sings results.

Tired of skincare charades? If you've ever found yourself feeling lost in a maze of confusing ingredients and empty promises- fear not! At Me and a Tree, we champion the real deal. Forget about chemical reduction ponds and embrace potent whole food ingredients, still alive with their natural vitamins and minerals. They haven't been stripped down, stripped of their power, or stripped of their goodness. Each one is a vibrant champion, ready to nourish and revitalize your skin. Dive into the world of carrot seed oil, bursting with Vitamin A and beta-carotene to shield you from the sun and kiss dead skin cells goodbye. Discover the magic of unrefined tamanu oil, a champion of skin renewal and collagen production, keeping your complexion youthful and radiant. Ditch the ingredient charade and discover the magic of fewer, better ingredients. Let Me and a Tree guide you on a journey to healthy and happy skin.

Think Big, Act Small: The Power of Potent Simplicity 

So, what's the antidote to this ingredient frenzy? Embrace the power of potent simplicity. Look for products with fewer ingredients, high-quality oils and extracts that actually have a chance to shine. ☀️ Instead of chasing the latest buzzwords, focus on the basics: nourishing oils like almond or avocado, soothing aloe vera, or gentle plant extracts like carrot seed and tamanu. These workhorses, used in generous amounts, can do wonders for your skin without the dilution or confusion.


Why embrace the fewer-is-more approach? It's about quality, not quantity. Here's the magic:

    • Potency unleashed: With fewer ingredients crowding the stage, star performers like tamanu or carrot seed oil get a chance to shine in higher concentrations. This means real, visible results, not just faint echoes of what could be.
    • Efficiency you can trust: You're not paying for filler ingredients or fancy fragrances. Your money fuels concentrated goodness, working smarter, not harder to nourish and revitalize your skin.
    • Less room for irritation: Shorter ingredient lists mean fewer potential triggers for sensitive skin. Avoid Phenoxyethanol and BHT and instead opt for "eco-cert organic preservative." You get effective care without the worry of unwanted drama. Look for eco-cert preservatives near the end of an ingredient list -which won't disrupt delicate hormones.

So, ditch the ingredient encyclopedia and embrace the power of focus. Choose skincare that knows quality trumps quantity, where every drop is a powerhouse of potent, personalized care. Watch your skin blossom with the true magic of fewer, better ingredients.


Jar of Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Fruit Oil For Soaps and Lotions
Take our Natural Face Skin Care Serum "Carrot Tamanu Miracle Elixir," & Bright Eyes & Face Day Cream for example. It's a symphony of nature's best, where sun-kissed carrot seed oil shields your skin with Vitamin A and beta-carotene, while unrefined tamanu oil, a champion of skin renewal, steps up its game. Let's unpack this powerhouse ingredient.

Discover the magic of unrefined tamanu oil:

A champion of skin renewal and collagen production, keeping your complexion youthful and radiant. Let Me and a Tree guide you on a journey to healthy, happy skin.

 - Skin renewal: Tamanu oil's natural goodness kickstarts your skin's natural cell turnover, leaving behind a fresh, radiant glow.

- Collagen production: This wonder oil is nature's collagen booster, helping your skin stay plump and youthful.

- Anti-inflammatory: Say goodbye to redness and irritation! Tamanu oil soothes and calms your skin, keeping it happy and healthy.

- Scarring hero: From blemishes to stretch marks, tamanu oil helps minimize the appearance of scars, leaving your skin smooth and even.


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More Skin Loving Benefits For Sensitive Skin

Unlock the Incredible Skin Benefits of Our Miracle Elixir with Tamanu Oil

  1. Calophyllolide: Known for its anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties. It helps reduce inflammation and accelerates the healing process of wounds and skin irritations.
  2. Oleic Acid: A monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid that helps maintain skin's moisture, supports the skin barrier function, and enhances skin softness.
  3. Linoleic Acid: An essential omega-6 fatty acid that aids in moisturizing the skin, maintaining its suppleness, and supporting overall skin health.
  4. Palmitic Acid: A saturated fatty acid that acts as an emollient, providing moisture to the skin and helping in skin conditioning.
  5. Stearic Acid: Another saturated fatty acid that contributes to skin hydration and forms a protective barrier to prevent moisture loss.
  6. Flavonoids: Antioxidants found in Tamanu oil that protect the skin from oxidative stress caused by free radicals, aiding in anti-aging and skin health.
  7. Coumarins: Antioxidant compounds that contribute to Tamanu oil's anti-inflammatory effects, soothing irritated skin and reducing redness.
  8. Quinones: Compounds with potential antibacterial properties, helping combat bacteria on the skin's surface and contributing to managing acne.
  9. Terpenoids: Natural compounds that may possess skin-regenerating properties, stimulating skin cell regeneration and promoting healthier-looking skin.

These compounds collectively play vital roles in offering a spectrum of skincare benefits, including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, moisturizing, wound-healing, antibacterial, and skin-regenerative properties, contributing to overall skin health and appearance.

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Whole Body Natural Skincare 

But it's not just your face that gets the whole food love! Our Our Muscle Eez Natural Muscle & Joint Pain Relief Cream, pampers your hardworking body with the same potent plant power. Imagine sweet almond oil, brimming with protective and hydrating Vitamin E and oleic acid, gliding onto your skin, smoothing its surface while whispering sweet relief to tired muscles. These whole ingredients aren't mere shadows of their former selves – they're in their raw, vibrant prime, ready to nourish and soothe on a deeper level.

A symphony of essential oils joins the party in our Muscle Eez pain relief cream: frankincense, a legendary warrior against inflammation, German chamomile, nature's calming maestro, and vitamin E, a tireless antioxidant defender. Plus, a whisper of menthol adds a refreshing touch, chasing away aches and pains like morning mist.

It's a powerful chorus of natural goodness, working in harmony to ease stiffness, calm discomfort, and leave you feeling like you can conquer the day – or simply enjoy a well-deserved moment of peace. So ditch the synthetic substitutes and embrace the magic of real food ingredient relief. Let Me and a Tree guide you on a journey to a body that feels as good as it deserves. ✨

Give The Gift Of Relaxation with Muscle Eez Sports Muscle Pain Relief by Me and a Tree

So, how can you spot the real deal amid the marketing hype? Here's your cheat sheet:

  • Look for shorter ingredient lists: If a product boasts a novel of ingredients, chances are some of them have been through the processing wringer. Stick to simpler formulas with recognizable, whole food ingredients..

    Know your maker: Fresh skincare is a luxury and worth it's weight in gold. Get to know your plant based formulators & skincare brand owners. They love talking shop about their passion and healthy living usually.
  • Follow the money: Price isn't everything, but ridiculously cheap skincare formulas often rely on fillers and synthetic ingredients to keep costs low. Consider quality over quantity and invest in formulas that use potent, ethically sourced whole food ingredients and quality essential oils (because there are low degree and high degree essential oils).

  • Listen to your skin: Ultimately, your skin is the best judge. If a product irritates, feels heavy, or doesn't deliver promised results, move on! Trust your body's wisdom and find formulas that harmonize with your unique needs.

And hey, if you ever need help deciphering an ingredient list or just want to chat about all things skincare, our door (or should I say, treehouse) is always open! Let's keep this conversation going, one vitamin-packed adventure at a time.

Let's Talk Me and a Tree: Putting Our Principles into Practice

Take our natural face serum and dark spot reducer  Carrot Tamanu Miracle Serum Elixir  for example. We pack it with 7 key ingredients: carrot seed oil, tamanu oil, borage oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, geranium oil, and primrose oil. Each one plays a unique role, from brightening and soothing to promoting elasticity and hydration. And because there's less crowding, each ingredient gets a chance to do its thing, without getting pushed aside by the party crashers.


Best Sun Spot Reducer Facial Serum Elixir Jar and Woman

The same goes for our soap bars which are fully plant-based cruelty-free selections - such as our silkening - Charcoal Kaolin Clay Detox Soap Bar. A natural artisan handcrafted face, shampoo & body bar soap specially formulated for sensitive skin and scalp. We keep it clean and simple with nourishing oils like virgin cold pressed olive fruit oil, sustainable and organic coconut oil, unrefined shea nut butter, and sweet almond oil, along with detoxifying charcoal and silkening kaolin clay. No parabens, no sulfates, just pure, effective ingredients that work in harmony. We add pure top tier essential oils mixed with our herbal experience, that help calm and clean naturally without over drying the delicate skin.

Charcola Kaolin Clay Rosacea Acne Eczema Relief Soap Bar Face Hair Body
Lotions That Harness Simplicity And even our silkening and soothing nourishing Lavender Vanilla Body Therapy Lotion made with pure essential oils (without any fake fragrance) follow this philosophy. We focus on those tried and true soothing ingredients like sweet almond oil, horsetail butter high in natural silica, natural grape-seed oil which is pure, rich, and gentle for the skin. We add avocado oil, high in GLA and borage oil, along with a touch of scent from real vanilla beans and high altitude french lavender. Our lavender is selected for the naturally containing constituents that can only be found in abundance from true high altitude French Lavender from France.
Lavender Vanilla Pure Essential Oil Lotion for Body Hands Neck Feet by Me and a Tree Skincare

Our Lotions Are Cruelty-Free

Not tested on animals. No harsh chemicals, just plant-powered relief that gets to the root of the discomfort. Nature is powerful and doesn't come with the unwanted side effects of medicines like steroids. With repeated use you will enjoy the results from naturally potent plants and our gentle yet effective formulations without worrying about liver health problems from the toxic build up from medications. Your skin can absorb - so choose the best. 

The Fancy Name Flimflam: Dihydromethylsilyl triethylphosphate? Sounds impressive, right?

But it's just fancy talk for silicone, an ingredient that might be from a chemical process. Brands love to dress up common (and sometimes not-so-great) ingredients in scientific garb to make them sound like magical potions. Don't be fooled by the jargon – research those fancy names before they fool you! Chemical silicones are not the same as natural plans based ones. Horsetail is a natural form of silica that we use in all our lotions. But most big box stores won't use it- because it's too expensive and doesn't last on a shelf for years and years and it's hard to make a profit. But freshly made skincare is meant to be used and not sit on a shelf. The passion of artisan makers is felt in every drop. Not only is it impossible for large big box stores to replicate - it's also a labor of love for a small maker. Artisans are tried and true purists who normally use their own products and are quite proud of what they make and love sharing their knowledge, passion, and gifting with others who appreciate the extra effort and hard work in creating such unique creations.

Great skincare ingredients are meant to help you look your best- daily. So knowing what plants contain simple potent ingredients is the first step to success in your skincare routine. No need to wrack your brain because we have done the work for you! Our years of research are for your benefit. Enjoy small batch hand crafted Body Therapy Lotions by Me and a Tree

That's why quality over quantity is our jam at Me and a Tree.

We handpick potent, whole food ingredients that haven't lost their mojo. We still use awesome interesting powerhouses but it's less about "trend" and more about bend. Bending the industry on its ear with freshly made, well researched, simple and affordable ingredients (compared to the $250.00 creams that have by-products and use useless processed powdered "vitamins" in them), and have harmful preservatives. At Me and a Tree we use the most luxurious and moisturizing non comedogenic pure food grade oils along with organic preservatives that already naturally contain vitamins and enzymes and are beautifully available in their whole food form and minimally processed for you to apply to you face, hair, and body daily. Our ingredient and product line is much loved by our modest customer base because of our commitment to high quality.

Me and a Tree fresh small batch skincare (and herbal line) is the most potent and fresh one can get without having to labour and locate a natural skincare line gentle enough for sensitive skin yet powerfully enough to help with skin care problems. You have better things to do with your time and energy than research and find ingredients and skincare - and that is our specialty.  Our Me and a Tree Skin Care Fam are the true healthy skin connoisseurs who enjoy benefiting from well made artisan face and all body skincare (check out our testimonials here).

Have you joined the Me and a Tree Skincare Family yet? If not you're in for a huge surprise! Swing by our site, make an account, and snag 10% off your first purchase. Plus, start raking in those loyalty tree points for some seriously brag-worthy rewards and gorgeous skin results!

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