Outdoor Summer Protection for You & Your family

Outdoor Summer Protection for You & Your family


Summer & Your Skin

It's getting very close to SUMMER! Gardening is one of many forms of summer meditating. It's centering and calming and greatly improves the mind. I have been working on both my container garden as well as planting a few trees with my husband up at our property. We are so grateful. I am thrilled to be able to see people and get back to enjoying socializing. I've been enjoying as much outdoor time as time allows. It's just starting to get a little more "buggy". Being protected from the outdoor elements is vitally important for my health as I am sure it is important to all. Healthy skin and staying free from certain viruses like Zika, Dengue, and a few other mosquito-born diseases, is easy peasy.  Here's how I do it safely and thoroughly. 




Use a tried and true all natural bug spray. My husband and I have had plenty of opportunities to use Me and a Tree  BUG OFF! natural (but potent) body spray this month. It smells so good while protecting us from bites! It's been very popular this season. You may or may not know this but our Bug Off! is also great for fruit flies & house flies -they hate the stuff! Perfect for picnics, outdoor weddings, and parties etc.

Bug Off! is a safety precaution in my book. With all the things one can catch from mosquito & bug bites, it's smart to have a little bottle handy. I suggest using it before heading out to any outdoor occasions like, hiking trips, river rafting family outings, running routines, and any outdoor gardening activities to keep those pesky biting mosquitoes at bay - those little devils!


Outdoor UV protection / avoiding skin cancer and sun spots. So important that all of us don't forget the sunscreen to combat those dark spots that can show up so quickly from the suns UV rays. Me and a Tree has both scented and unscented (smells like peaches and light fruit) and is made with natural zinc oxide which is a nice broad spectrum sun defense.  I've been using my scented sunscreen while running in the morning and hiking in the mountains- in fact I take it with my in a small carry bag. Another thing I sometimes do is to transfer a little bit of my sunscreen into a smaller jar that fits in my pocket if it's going to be a short hike.  I want to remind those reading this blog about outdoor protection that it's important to apply sunscreen to the side of your face when driving in your car as well. Most of my dark spots came from driving to the grocery store and not realizing that those UV rays get pretty strong on the drivers side. Don't forget! Apply it! 

Summer Fun Friends & Family Protection

As the summer months will be soon upon us, I want to remind you that I can't always keep up with the demand of our Bug Off! Spray. I encourage you to store up every few months because there will be times when you may go to our website and see a "sold out" or "out of stock" message. Also, as an insider, I encourage you to save your spray bottle tops because with Covid, the sprayers are often unavailable for a long time. We ordered sprayers from another company because our regular suppliers were out and the spray tops ordered as a back up were terrible. We're still waiting for the other ones to come back in stock. So, fair warning -save yours if you have the previous working spray nozzle- or transfer spray to a better spray container because the manufacturing companies are behind in making them. We have what we can get. So, please stay tuned. The new ones (the better original ones we normally get) are coming soon. 

Michelle Gardening

Lastly, I am going to start working on the container and in ground gardening updates I promised to those of you who signed up for that particular email list so keep an eye on your inbox! I have lots of pictures and info, I simply need to put it together for you. Contact me if you would like to be added to my gardening email list and be sure to write  "Garden Therapy" in the header to be added. Until then, stay naturally beautiful!

See you soon!



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