How To Avoid & Get Rid of Age Spots Summer Protection and Beyond (Antioxidants)

How To Avoid & Get Rid of Age Spots Summer Protection and Beyond (Antioxidants)

How To Avoid & Get Rid of Age Spots Summer Protection and Beyond (Antioxidants)


When we are in our twenties we rarely think of taking care of our skin the way we do in our late thirties, forties and beyond. If you are in your twenties start protecting your skin using reef safe sunscreen now. Don’t wait for sunspots to show up because that means you will be more prone to them as you age. As we age we are bombarded with free radicals that cause cellular damage and breakdown.


Using a fortifying natural plant based replenisher helps combat free radical damage by providing your skin and body with nutrient rich plants and botanicals which are high in antioxidants- and that's a good thing for you skin, body, and health.


Your Car Suns Spots and skin damage


It wasn’t until last year while driving my new SUV around in Fort Lauderdale Florida that I realized I was developing some light brown patches around my left temple and above my top lip and cheek on that same side (drivers side) that I became concerned about protecting my skin while driving around on my way to the grocery store doing errands etc. It slipped my mind that those short little jaunts would be the reason I was getting sunspots on the same side of my face (through my drivers' side window and front windshield). I didn’t have tints on the driver and passenger side as tints don’t come standard on front passenger and drivers windows of most cars and certainly are not on the front windshield of any cars (not even in Florida)


Prevent Skin Cancer Naturally


I finally realized one day while looking into my rearview mirror to fix my lipstick that low and behold the front windshield and driver side windows were blasting my chest, arms, hands, and face with tons of repetitive sunlight.  Too much UV light is the stuff we need to protect our skin from so we avoid skin cancer. Even though I enjoy being out in nature, snorkeling, scuba diving and the like, I am normally under the water and always wear protection. I didn’t normally think of adding sunblock and sunscreen before heading out for short errands. I used to rarely wear anything at all on my face if it was only a quick 15-minute dash about. That all changed when I learned more and when I developed sun spots from lack of wearing protection.


Once I discovered the spots I had a flashback to my great grandma who had tons of them on her face in her old age (she grew up in Puerto Rico & Hawaii) and spent a lot of time in the sun both there and here in the USA as she loved to garden and tend to her chickens, bless her beautiful soul. I did not want those dark spots on my skin though. They were big, dark and unpleasant and I always thought maybe they were hereditary and wondered if I would ever get them as I aged. We won't if we protect our skin!

 Over tanning Sunburn Relief


Many people don't think about wearing protection when they are in the car but it's extremally important to do so because sun damage can kill if it turns into cancer. This becomes more of a concern as we age. It's not something to play around with. I did get a lot of sun in the eighties trying to look like my gorgeous Mediterranean friends. I am super fair skinned and that was not a very good thing for me to do and I do have some light sun damage as a result but I maintain it well now that I know. Using natural plant-based face cream helps me look as good as my skin can possibly look and most people tell me I have pretty nice skin- thankfully! Wearing sunscreen while driving- VERY IMPORTANT!



After realizing I was getting the beginning of sunspots from driving around bare skinned, I went directly to my medicine cabinet and applied Me and a Tree’s Miracle Elixir. I knew that the fresh Carrot Seed Oil along with Borage and Evening Primrose Flower and other plants botanicals would help my skin heal. I kept applying for a few days religiously and it eventually took my sun spots away thankfully. I had caught them on time. I also always use the Bright Eyes & Face Day Cream because its light-feeling and also has non-nano zinc oxide sunscreen built in (that's the safe one), but if I am going to be driving a lot (more than 15 minutes) I apply the sunscreen as well (I have a sunroof and like to use it once in a while).


The great thing about Me and a Tree Skincare line is that the products mix well with foundation so if you need to tint the sunscreen or other products you can. I love both the Summer Passion Sunscreen from Me and Tree as well as the Unscented. Both helped my skin heal a lot. Avoid sunscreens with Oxybenzone as they are not good for the earth, ocean, you or your family...

How To Avoid & Get Rid of Age Spots Summer Protection and Beyond (Antioxidants)



One of the reason skin gets dark spots is because our skin loses its own natural protection and certain plant extracts help the skin to protect itself with the nutrients they provide. The skin knows what to do it just needs a little help and the right nutrients to do its job. As we grow older we need extra help. Carrot seed oil which is in several of the Me and a Tree's Skincare Creams and Elixirs helps the skin strengthen before it encounters the sun by helping to boost the skins own natural defenses. Carrot seed oil is not a sunscreen. Its a BEFORE sun helper. It helps the skin by supporting the structure of the skin before it encounters UV damage. It helps prevent sun damage and wrinkles before they begin.



So before you go for a drive -make sure you are using sunscreen on your arms hands, face chest, etc- or you are risking serious sun damage especially if you live in a sunny place like me. In fact, UV penetrates the clouds (yes, even on an extra cloudy day) so I would go ahead and sport it no matter where you live. I keep mine next to my makeup in the bathroom so that I will remember to put it on in the morning-unfortunately I still forget sometimes, so I also keep one in my purse as well as my car now. No excuses! I am always prepared. Plus a lot of people really appreciate that I have it in my car. Sensitive skin needs 24-hour preventative care- and I am ready at all times to share the wealth! Purse size sunscreen and sunblock comes in very handy for outings, those quick on the go and vacations, skiing, boating, parks, pools, picnics, long drives, golf, running, farmers markets, and anything you do out and about- plus I find it moisturizing without being greasy- which is great.


While it's not the end of the world if you get some light sunspots and catch them early enough it is much better to prevent them before they get a chance to start. So, if you are driving around with naked skin, STOP. Get sunscreen on your face, arms, hands, chest TODAY. Reef safe biodegradable non-nano zinc oxide sunscreen is a broad spectrum reliable sunscreen and the one I recommend.  Grab yours here.



Me and a Tree's sunscreens work great and are vegan, all natural, plant-based, biodegradable and reef safe to boot! Our sunscreens are portable and easy to throw in a purse or gym bag and a real lifesaver! Grab yours here and be prepared because you only have one body with the same skin for the rest of your life! Treat it right and it will give back plenty in return. Happy Summer, Happy Travels and here's to staying beautifully healthy and vibrant!

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