Best Eco Gift Card Note Me and a Tree Skin Care


Eco Gift Card Note Me and a Tree Skin CareEco Gift Card Note

To learn more about eco note cards with gifts read on!

We all do a lot better when we know we are not alone. We are made for companionship. At times, we are unable to be right next to family, friends, and co-workers, but we don't have to "feel alienated" from each other. There are some hard-working people on the front lines of our lives right now and thanks to them we still get our mail, our groceries, and health taken care of in a time of unprecedented change. It's nice to know that we can still connect through those places and soon hopefully things will return back to a pace we can all celebrate with JOY!
Sending a thoughtful healthy inspiring gift that uplifts their spirit is a great way to spread good vibes and positive energy to the ones we love and care about. It's also a great way to say thank you!
Showing loved ones you care is only a click away.
That's why we created the customizable real eco gift care notes to go along with your gifts purchased on our website. We know it's important to you that the gifts you send feel like it really came from "you". Now you can write a NEW note with your gift and have it accompany the gift! This is better than an e-card because it accompanies the actual gift you choose, giving a feel of your voice and love.
We get asked from time to time to send a card and we wanted to make that a little more personal and easier for you to include with your selections right on your SHOPPING CART before checking out of our website.
It's as easy as 1-2-3!

Here’s How

1. Select a few gift products of your own or one of our ready to go gift sets we placed together without you having to worry about what goes with what. Next.
2. Click on the shopping bag icon located on top on right of page
3. Scroll to your last product in your cart and add your eco gift card note before you checkout. That’s it! It’s that simple. We do the rest. We make custom birthday, holiday, or special occasion eco gift cards with your personal message at no charge for all Me and a Tree gifts.
Give that feeling to another TODAY! It will mean the world to them. You know that people are struggling to feel more connected and we can all do our part to say hello and let them know that we love them no matter how far apart we may be at the moment. Send a little sunshine and make them smile- it's so easy!
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