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Is Less More? Simple Beauty vs: Longer Ingredient Lists.

Everyone wants perfect and beautiful skin! I hear it often. I understand the desire, of course, and what is gorgeous to one may not be to another. So, when you think of "gorgeous skin", what comes to mind? Is it the makeup or the woman and skin underneath the makeup? To me, clean beauty is looking healthy. I'm not as concerned about looking "perfect" or " gorgeous" because one person's "perfection" is another person's "poison." Also, most of what we see in photos or social media is fake, filters, makeup and lighting. I am careful that what makes me look good today doesn't ruin my skin later or, worse- cause cancer. Also, I don't want people to see in pictures what doesn't match up close and in person. 
Clean Beauty

I much prefer real-world makeup and skincare, and so do most of the women I serve in my business. Aging is a natural part of life but we don't need to cake on chemically laded makeup that hides our skin issues and makes the aging process faster.
Natural clean beauty is my niche, and here at Me and a Tree Skin Care, that is what we proudly provide. No, we don't put "gold" or "snail slime" in our products. While those questionable ingredients may be trending for a time (for now anyway), they're not even a quarter as good as the well-known, long-standing safety of natural healing from herbs and plants. Plant cells are similar to human skin cells and have strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help protect against sun damage and prevent wrinkles, according to dermatologist Dr. Sonoa Au. There is also evidence that stem cells support your own human skin cells in the production of new collagen, which can aid in your skin appearing more youthful soft and supple. Plant ingredients in skin care are the best choice for our skin because they are  safe, have a tested long history and are suitable for the whole family and the environment as well. 
Bright Eyes & Face Day Cream with SPF

Let's talk about the powerful gift of plants from nature for a minute, those precious healing essential plant oils and extracts like the ones we include in all of our soaps and creams (for both scent and healing) that you may have come to know over the years. Did you know that plants have an over 4000-year safety track record for use on human skin and internally to heal, going as far back as Egypt and the Bible. In having the advantage of history, plants have been tested and found to be the safest and most effective for humans without causing health problems when used correctly.Me and a Tree Face and Body Exfoliator
Essential oils from flowers and herbs have thousands of plant constituents (molecules) that scientists can't replicate in a lab. Science can't figure out why a plants' molecular compounds work so well, and it's not for lack of trying. Still, it's that studying each plant's complete chemical profile would take many lifetimes over to learn only the few hundred that they have only a fundamental understanding of so far! You read correctly! Out of the thousands of molecules in one single plant- they've only studied maybe a few hundred (if even that many). That's how amazing each plant's unique profile truly is. It fascinates me to this day.
Me and a Tree Natural Face & Body Bar Soaps
I want to make a third point: you also don't need a thousand natural i(or un-natural ingredients in a skin cream to have beautiful healthy skin. The more ingredients you add, the more those ingredients can affect the other ingredients and the longevity of the cream. It's best to add ingredients that complement and help to balance the longevity and other natural ingredients. Take for example, a simple plant extract like carrot seed oil, like the one we add to our daily moisturizer called Bright Eyes & Face. We carefully blended it with other supportive ingredients that aid in calming the skin while increasing the absorption of the carrot seed oil, helping to shuttle it further and deeper into the under layers of the skin using the "lock and key" of lavender essential oil and borage flower other skin fortifying plant extracts. Do we need a thousand ingredients to do that? No, we don't. We simply need gentle yet potent, non-irritating supportive herbal plants, and the ingredients don't need to cost an arm and a leg- like gold.

Sometimes companies add a long list of ingredients for a few reasons- two of which I will list below. 

1. They may add cheap fillers to stretch the ingredients providing an inferior and, in many cases, dangerous product to the consumer for cheap to make a profit or
2. Just to say, "it's in there." This issue results in much less of the "active and more expensive ingredients" in the cream. If less filler and ingredients were added in many cases that would make a huge difference (such as borage and evening primrose, to name a few) because the more beneficial ingredients - the better your skin will heal but when they get cut back to negligible amounts because there are so many other minute ingredients competing for space- you, the consumer get the shaft. There's not enough room for the main ones listed to benefit your skin truly. Simple is usually best. You get more of the expensive helpful, and skin-transforming ingredients with a balance- you get the proof is in the results-period. That is why we have very selective ingredients in our skin creams- because less truly is more in this case. More food for your skin and more vitamins that will fortify and penetrate deeply into your skin without getting blocked (lock and key) by too many negligible or even harmful chemical fillers. 

Whether it's the lip balms we make or the face and body creams we synergistically blend together using specific plants ingredients or the pure high grade essential oils used in our soaps, you'll know that our simple ingredients are both effective and safe by the results that speak for themselves. 
Having the advantage of plants that have a long history of safety and efficacy going back as far as Egypt and the Bible, we know we are in good hands. Those ancient Kings and Queens relied on powerful herbs and plants and today in our modern world we also have the benefit of that knowledge and can enjoy the luxury while relying on plants and herbs track record for both safety and enjoyment. Isn't that wonderful? We think so! So enjoy plants based simple CLEAN beauty and remember that within a single plant- lives a world of chemistry and supernatural wonder! Go ahead INDULGE! Your skin will be radiant and healthy! The way nature intended...
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