Best Tea Tree Oil & Mosquito Bites

Tea Tree Oil & Mosquito Bites

Best Tea Tree Oil & Mosquito Bite Repellent For Running

When I was in South Florida I enjoyed taking a nice walk in the evening.  After the heavy rains, the puddles were finally drying up, and I was anxious to get outdoors and go for a nice evening run. I was attacked by mosquitoes, unfortunately.  I also acquired a few itchy spots after my jog around the lush green freshly watered neighborhood. Here's what happened... 

Best Tea Tree Oil & Mosquito Bites

I didn't realize that mosquitoes  found their way under my shirt (and possibly bit through my running clothes) and bit my sides and legs (oh joy!). I usually don't get bitten by them (my husband does!), and when I do, I don't usually get much of a reaction. This time was a little bit different.  I realize that I was likely swarmed by more than one and wonder if mosquitoes are getting more aggressive and tough! (Click here for protection for you and your family).



Tea Tree Oil & Mosquito Bites

When I returned home from my walk, I changed into my regular clothes. I noticed I was scratching my legs and sides a lot, and sure enough, when I took a closer look, there was some red rashes and little bumps accompanied by some delightfully intense itching! I immediately went for the medicine chest and grabbed my Tea Tree (Itch Stick) Essential Oil Rollerball and applied the stick to my mosquito bites. I was genuinely amazed once again at how quickly the itching stopped. One application and instantly (and I mean within seconds) my itching stopped completely 100%.  I was so relieved that I didn't have to keep trying to scratch through my thick jeans and clothing. It wasn't satisfying my itch at all! But the Itch Stick did the trick! 



Tea Tree can also be used on the skin for acne and other kinds of bumps too. I love using Tea Tree & Myrrh face soap for a nice gentle deep cleanse. It's a wonderful support to my skincare regimen. I have also gargled with one drop of tea tree oil to a cup of water for sore throats (and have used it as an oral rinse as well). It works great! You may even enjoy cleaning your home with it since it is reported to kill certain kinds of bacteria and viruses as well as some fungi. It's a great all around oil to have around the house and the car (for those camping trips or late night jogs)



"Tea Tree also is known as "Oil of Melaleuca" and comes from the leaves of Melaleuca Alternifolia, a small tree native to Queensland and New South Wales, Australia. Tea Tree is reported as safe, natural, and effective, with no known harmful side effects" according to Healthline an online medical information journal. Some prefer diluting the oil before applying it to the skin, and some use it "neat" (full strength) for insect bites, etc. You can do both and still benefit. Tea Tree is not safe for cats and some smaller animals so only use this on you and your humans, and even then it's always wise to do a patch test. Ask you vet more specifically about your animal and it's individual needs. 



Moral of the story? I should have sprayed some Natural Bug Off Spray before I left, but I didn't think of it since it wasn't that hot outside and I wasn't expecting any mosquitoes after the cooler weather. Surprise! The good news is that even though I did get bitten several times, the itching and scratching was relieved as soon as I put the tea tree oil directly on the bites. Lessons learned!


Best Natural Organic Bug Off Mosquito Repellent Spray For Body Face


I won't ever be without my Tea Tree Oil Roller Ball Itch Stick! It's a life saver, and when it's raining and I plan a run, I will make sure to apply Natural Bug Off Spray with tea tree to my clothes and skin just to be safe next time! 


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