Soap Scents That Inspire This Fall

Soap Scents That Inspire This Fall (Orange Autumn Chia Soap & Clove & Riverside Inspiration).

It's autumn! How are you celebrating the season?

 Fall Scented Soaps That Inspire This Season

If you're looking for a fall scent to inspire you and want something a little bit more "exotic" or "original" you'll want to check out our two newest artisan handcrafted soap bars "Autumn Orange Chai"  & "Clove & Riverside Calm." Both soap bars have quickly become a fan favorite! We wanted to create a scent that calmed the mind while conditioning the skin as many of our bars do and with this, in mind, we began creating. I was spending the day going through my scents blending and smelling searching for something that wasn't going to be "the typical pumpkin seasonal scent" yet still hinted at this wonderful time of year. Orange Chai came to my mind because the blend is fresh and comforting at the same time. Orange Autumn Chai captures it beautifully.


Our new Autumn Orange Chai bar soap will remind you of looking out your window on a cozy autumn day when beautiful burnt orange & yellow leaves sing their last hurrah! before the golden leaves fall & give way to winters' sleep. 


Even though most of us work through the season, fall almost always brings the wonderful anticipation of cozy days and nights that are associated with fall and the winter season. A little pop of sweet orange citrus oil joyfully rounds out the scent of the season and I wanted to capture that feeling of joy and warmth that autumn brings and it's something I will cherish in my memory as I move through to the overcast winter months.



Anchoring the tone of Autumn Orange Chai with the relaxing blend of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and allspice. This soap is warm yet uplifting in a gentle joyful way that still feels comforting and calming to the mind. I think it bar captured it perfectly! 



Our second handcrafted bar soap creation "Clove & Riverside Calm" soap scent is even more calming and warming with a little fresh riverside freshness to top off the delicately balanced warm wood scents. The freshness balances out the warmth and calm of a cozy evening at home in flannel. Think soft scented flannel robes and slippers on white fresh cotton sheets plump pillows and your favorite nigh-time music. This is a sexy bar. If you want some inspiration for a perfectly relaxing evening- this is it. Think back rubs, warm steamy showers, and buttery cream-colored candlelight. It's good. 



Clover & Riverside Calm Bar Soap has been my wind-down bar lately. It instantly calms all the chatter in my mind from the days' busy schedule & demands. Clove & Riverside Soap scent isn't overly heavy. The bar is perfectly scented to harmonize each herbal layer and builds upon another. This scent is perfect for that man or woman who adores soft, well-rounded, woody herbal scents. 

 Autumn Orange Chai Latte

I wanted to capture the relaxing calm I feel when walking through the forest in the afternoon when I enjoy listening to the flow of the river brooks as they make their way through the river rocks, forest, and trees. I could lay down on the pine green and orangey brown fallen pine quills and fall gently to sleep any day, and when the weather is this cooling and pleasant- it's especially dreamy. The calm greens of the forest mixed with warm earthy scents ground my body and heal my mind. It is indeed- a spiritual experience.


 Fall Bedroom Autumn Scented Room

The falling leaves of autumn teach us how precious each moment is in this life. We can choose to see the dark or fix our eyes on the gifts. We don't have any guarantees but we can choose to be grateful for the little things- like seasons, colors, scents, nature, and one another. Gratitude is something that is always healing no matter what time of year. Many blessings as we change with the seasons and embrace new things of which to be thankful.


Autumn Orange Chai Soap

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