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OUR SKINCARE IS FOOD Best Natural Organic Skin Care Like many of you, I like my skincare to be as close to real food as possible. Why? Because healthy food keeps you healthy especially when you know what's in it. Surely no one should attempt eating any kind of skincare even if it claims to be 100% completely natural but its safe to know that the skincare absorbed into your skin is as safe as the healthy food you place into you body. Organic Coconut Oil, Unrefined Shea , Cold Processed Olive Oil Fruit, Nutrient rich Borage Flower Oils with Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids are just a few of the natural food grade ingredients we proudly use to make all of our ME AND A TREE SKINCARE PRODUCTS from face creams to body lotions and more. Real clays vs synthetic FD & C colors mean avoiding chemicals that have questionable effects on health. If it goes on your skin- it goes within. You can enjoy our use of real food grade ingredients in addition to charcoal & clays. We bring to you real flowers, teas & herbs which are infused into all our natural formulations and the reasons we invite you to continue to support our natural company regularly. 

It does cost more to add real food grade ingredients to our soaps creams and lotions than chemical agents a dime a barrel. It would be far cheaper to add the synthetic cheap & concentrated colorants such as FD & C dyes and additives that come in squirt bottles. Many soapers with bright colored soaps do in fact add that along with toxic sparklesOUR SKINCARE IS FOOD Best Natural Organic Skin Care Shiny Glow Body Lotion and things. Some also add pearlizers to the creams to make them look more white and additionally almost always add chemicals that feel good upon touch and allow for years and years on the shelf  such as BHT (the movie "Super Size Me" and those french fries that lasted forever comes to mind) and other additives that are very toxic to the skin and endocrine system/nervous system. Many companies (even so-called natural ones) also add SLS, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, and cheap Olive Oil Pomace instead of virgin cold processed food grade olive oil like we do because it's way cheaper. Forget about seeing Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Aloe, Borage and Primrose in there. You can even check out big "natural food stores" that sell body care and look at the ingredients. You will be surprised. Almost all use sunflower seed oil. Cheaper and not nearly as good. 

We have integrity when it comes to what we use and make for our own skin. So, why don't we cut corners and save money and simply add cheaper ingredients? I and my friends/family/customers use the products we make every single day. I want people to experience the real joy and true difference that natural formulations provide for real skin issues. I have sensitive skin. I must have clean products.

A word about Olive Oil Pomace. I am familiar with olive oil pomace and I have used it to make bars of soap too. Guess what? It isn't even close to similar to virgin cold pressed olive oil. I have tried it! Pomace is cheaper, but it ain't better! So no. I keep it virgin, food grade, and cold pressed. Huge difference in moisturization. You all are living proof of what a difference a truly well-made bar of soap can be not to mention our lotions and face care! We also get a lot of comments and compliments on how beneficial and good the products we make, make YOU feel! That is my goal! I want you to be happy and healthy! I want you to see your acne and rosacea and/or dry or over oily skin come back into balance! It's a beautiful thing! Thank you for the privilege! 

Best Natural Organic Soaps Skin Care For Men & Women

About our ingredients. Adding Borage Flower Oil and Evening Primrose Oil along with Jojoba and Aloe isn't cheap either. Could I leave those ingredients and sub out for corn oil/sunflower oil? Sure. But again, the product would be inferior. I know because I have tried it! It isn't the same. It's drying and just not up to my standards at all. I use all my own products and I will only use what I am confident is safe for skin and beneficial for it. I want to stay youthful looking for as long as possible just like many of you! 

Most of our customer have been with us from the start.  Our loyal customer and have come to depend on what they are getting. Sure, you could shop at natural food market for body care. But many of you have tried it and come right back and tell me the stories about how your skin is clearing up using our brands and formulations. I know the makers of some of those brands in bigger mainstream stores and the cut they give up means it's really hard to add enough expensive beneficial ingredients and still make a profit and survive. It's just the monster of big stores and their bottom line. 

We like our niche. We are manageable and we can afford to do business and keep the ingredients at a level that is truly a benefit to you, the consumer. I like using the baker analogy. Fresh cake from a smaller bake shop where cakes and such are made fresh daily is going to trump a larger "sitting on a shelf longer" type baked goods or cake/cookie store- it's just the nature of food grade fresh items. Our cosmetics are skin food! We use the same ingredients in our skincare that we use in our kitchen! Charcoal, herbal teas, and flowers, pink salts, pure cold pressed olive fruit oil, primrose oil and yes even borage! All edible plants that have incredibly amazing natural healing properties in them. Aren't you glad? Please remember to support us so we may continue to offer you the best and freshest ingredients available on a regular basis. Thank you for your loyal support! We couldn't do it without you!

Thank you!


Maker and Owner of Me and a Tree Skincare

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