The Monoi Oil Has Superpowers: Here's What You Need to Know

The Monoi Oil Has Superpowers: Here's What You Need to Know

The Monoi Flower

Ever wondered where the extraordinary flower scent comes from? The empowering smell has a name—Monoi. The word Monoi actually means “sacred oil”, essentially created from soaking the petals of Tahitian Gardenias, also known as Tiaré flowers in coconut oil. Its sweet and exquisite smell has been adored by the entire world, and for good reason.

 So what makes Monoi so particular?


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Intense Hydration

 The Monoi is a calming and protective oil that hydrates the skin without damaging or stripping its natural oils. Interestingly, tribes in the South Pacific have used Monoi to protect their skin from harsh weather conditions such as strong winds and intense tropical sun.

 As Monoi oil is interlaced with coconut oil, which is a natural and deep moisturizer, it provides the perfect combination of protective and hydrating while smelling incredible. The power of combining Monoi and coconut oil for hydrating techniques can go a long way in soothing the skin and preventing dryness.

 Aside from the skin, Monoi oil can also be used in moisturizing your hair. The fatty acids found in both coconut oil and Monoi can deeply condition and soften the scalp and hair, minus the damage. As most conditioners or products can harm the natural components of the hair, it is important to use natural ingredients to prevent issues.

Monoi Age Defying Natural Nigh-time Face Cream Vegan Handcrafted

 Youthful Skin

 The Monoi oil along with coconut oil is filled with protective antioxidants like vitamin E and Ferulic acid that naturally neutralize free radicals and act as a cure for inflammation. Having such important natural tendencies can help fight signs of aging and provide a natural solution for younger-looking skin. 

 The Monoi oil helps protect the skin’s lipid barriers and easily penetrates hair follicles to help prevent protein and water loss. Coconuts found in coral islands used in Monoi contain additional proteins which help provide even more purity and effectiveness. With such powers, many anti-aging products and beauty trends have adopted the Monoi, and they have long been a huge success in the beauty industry!

Monoi de Tiaré 

We have discovered and been quite fond of Monoi Age Defying Natural Nighttime Face Cream, which has become a popular and powerful moisturizer used to replenish the skin. This facial cream is derived from the Monoi flower and is combined with Jojoba, and Borage Oil Damascus Rose. The Monoi de Tiaré skin-cream is designed to deeply nourish the skin of all types and helps refresh the face. While staying natural and plant-based, this scented wonder ensures your face will not only get a good rest but restore your complexion without clogging any pores.

If you have sensitive skin and you’re worried about inflammations, this moisturizer will definitely make you smile. Monoi de Tiaré is a perfect solution for those who suffer from skin sensitivity and have concerns about side effects. With gentle and natural ingredients, you’re going to absolutely love this one!

Though we have so many more reasons why Monoi is right for you, results speak louder than words! Try out our eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty-free, PABA-free, gluten-free and SLS-free night cream to start nourishing your face.

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