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Holiday Market December 2021
This year has flown by hasn't it?! I can hardly believe iChristmas and a new year are so close!  Wow! The Annual Holiday Market is upon us for the next three weeks of December starting this Sunday December 5, 12, and 19 on Sundays: 11am-5pm – Chattanooga Convention Center!
This will be a very big artisan made farmers market and the one thing I absolutely adore about the Chattanooga Holiday Market is that it's not a market that just any o'l maker can get into.  The allowed vendors have to be top notch and the bar has been set quite high so you won't see cheaply made offerings because the experienced artists have honed their skills and the seasoned makers put careful thought and time into their well oiled craft which makes this the most fun market we have every been a part of before. I enjoy walking around in the morning when I get the chance before people start making their way into the market.  We were with this market management in Chattanooga for the entire year where we normally meet inside  First Horizon Pavilion, 1826 Carter Street, Chattanooga TN 37408 on Sundays but due to the crowd and size this December year we will all be meeting and enjoying the  highly anticipated Holiday Market held inside The Convention Center located in Chattanooga Convention Center 2 Carter Plaza, Chattanooga TN for December.    Me and a Tree Herbal Skincare (that's us!) is so excited to be a part of such a kind and creative group of people - and you don't want to miss it if you're in the area! 
The most fun part about Holiday Market in Chattanooga (and the entire year) in my opinion is that it's not only a wonderful family affair but it's also fun for couples, singles, older people, kids and pets. That's the one thing David and I really adore about Tennessee is the emphasis on all ages because it really does brings the community together in such a festive and positive way.  It's always a class act with the musicians and musical groups and they are very talented being so close to Nashville- they don't want for skill. If that isn't enough, from the handcrafted maple syrup that's aged in oak spiced whiskey barrels to organic micro-green farms (with plenty of vegan options) along with absolutely incredible artisan jewelers, pottery makers, knife crafters, hand made original clothiers, all wrapped up in a fun and funky niched hip scene - you won't want for anything original for your Christmas gifts that's for sure! 

Stop by our booth and if you don't know where we are - you can ask the concierge front desk and they can tell you where our booth will be. 
Unlike Florida, where the season is just beginning for farmers markets, here in Tennessee the season is open from March to December and then closes for 2 months in January & February so if you're in Chattannooga, you'll definitely want to come hang out and get warmed up with all the holiday brews, spiced drinks, ginger breads, and chocolatiers, and what a perfect way to stock up for all you gift giving for the Holidays! 
If you are unable to make it don't worry we will be taking online orders 24 hours a day!
See you soon! HO! HO! HO & warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year!
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