Is Bar Soap Good For Your Face? Is Liquid Soap Better?

Is Bar Soap Good For Your Face? Is Liquid Soap Better?

Is Bar Soap Good For Your Face? Is Liquid Soap Better?

When I first started making my soaps, I wanted to make both liquid and bar soaps. I learned the correct chemistry and quickly realized that there is no competition between bar soap and liquid soap. I know how to make both. I choose to make old-fashioned artisan small batch bar soap because it's truly better for your skin all the way around -though more labor intensive and costly due to pure clays, tea infusions, pure essential oils etc.


Bar soap has a delicate balance of fats, oils, and plant herbs that help clean and shrink pores without damaging the skin by harsh over cleansing and without the health problems associated with harsh chemically laden liquid soap brands. Natural bar soaps that are made by hand in small batches by someone who is an experienced (Master Soap Formulator) is far superior for your skin. If you want to check it out for yourself, use our spearmint bar soap (or any of our bars) on your face then your liquid soap and see for yourself. Tight skin means bad soap so don't be fooled. You should be able to move your face around and not feel like it's pulling tight. 


Our bar soap is super-fatted and made with 100% plant-based material and needs no thickening agents (because we understand chemistry we are able to make a bar of soap that is as luxurious & healing for your skin as a very nice face cream). Natural oils (Olive, Shea, Almond Avocado, etc) have a gentle chemistry to them and when combined in the correct amount benefit the face and body skin layers while helping to relieve eczema and other skin issues. 

Liquid soap, on the other hand, uses SLS, and/or Borax (yes the detergent used to scrub the floor and clean clothes) and a lot of other manufactured chemicals such as propylene glycol (used in airplane engines) which is known to cause cancer and endocrine disruption. Ick. No thanks. I personally would not want to use liquid soap on my face or body on a regular basis if at all. Liquid soaps make me and many of our customers and clients itch quite a bit and the chemicals in them cause us a lot of skin breakouts & problems. I would STRONGLY recommend people with eczema and sensitive skin issues stay far away from any liquid soap no matter how "natural" it claims to be. 


All artisan bars are not created equal and don't think just because you see the same or similar ingredients on an ingredient list - it's going to feel the same on your skin. A soap bar can have the same exact ingredients in the wrong proportions and actually burn and damage your skin. A properly formulated balanced handmade bar soap works as a light cleanser and conditions the skin leaving skin feeling clean and fresh versus a badly balanced bar or a harsh liquid detergent type soap that can rob skin and prematurely age the face and body.

Look for a soap that leaves you with a naturally clean feeling minus the tightness. Your skin should not feel tight after a wash especially on your face. If it does then that soap is too harsh for your skin. You need to find a bar soap that makes you feel clean and moisturized, yes, even if you have oily skin. Over cleansing the pores will make the sebum oil come out, even more, to make up for the dryness. You don't want that. Overproduction of sebum means your skin is working overtime and eventually those glands get destroyed by working too hard and being over dried by an imbalanced cleansing regimen. Tight bad. Soft and movable good. 

Is Bar Soap Good For Your Face? Is Liquid Soap Better?

Soaps from me and a tree are great for both oily and dry skin because we formulate with the end in mind- balance both for regular and sensitive skin. People know about our bars and buy them over and over again preferring them over liquid soaps because they see the results.  Acne has no chance with our bars. Have you used our bar soap on your face yet?

Don't be fooled by marketing hype- bar soap is an excellent facial care regimen and can be used daily to keep skin healthy, bright and balanced. Just look at the testimonials on our site under the products and enjoy clear radiant skin from a simple bar of well-made soaps from us to you.

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