Covid & Vitamin D

Covid & Vitamin D

(disclaimer- always ask your medical health care provider what is right for your situation).  

Covid Cell


I have been enjoying these lectures of Professor and Pulmonary Critical Care & Sleep Expert from Loma Linda University, Dr. Roger Seheult  In this episode he discusses the benefit of Vitamin D and its role in protecting the cells from Corona Virus (spike proteins). I like the idea of putting the control back in the hands of the average American. 

In the video below Dr Seheult shares real peer reviewed studies. I believe he is giving us all a public service health announcement that can save your life. I combine this information with studies on the role sugar plays on the cells and spike proteins. In a nut shell, sugar directly competes with Vitamin C. 

Enjoy a user friendly version of the medical science between Vitamin D & Covid 19 (SARS CoV 2) and the evidence of prevention and treatment of corona virus.



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