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Do you cringe at the idea of bar soap? Do you associate bar soap with film buildup? Did you know that specially formulated bar soap sloughs off dead cells while moisturizing without over-drying your skin? Some soaps leave skin oily or over-dry, but I spent years developing my custom bar soap for my own eczema-sensitive-prone skin. I also enjoy helping solve acne. I thoroughly enjoy sharing my knowledge and skincare with others. Giving someone the gift of beautiful skin is incredibly rewarding to me. I love helping hundreds of other people find their beautiful skin again and all without depending on chemically laden liquids and without expensive procedures.

Would you benefit from taking care of your skin naturally without using harmful chemicals? I think everyone would! We have enough things to worry about, and skin covers our entire body, so we need to care for it. It is also the largest living organ in our body. Body organs filter and protect us from damaging breakdowns, known as free radical damage. Free radical damage happens when environmental toxins bombard us from the inside from the additives used in foods and water as well as from the outside in the form of chemicals from bug sprays, skin care products, detergents, air pollution, and so on. It makes sense (along with a clean diet) to use a natural soap to clean off all the bombardment we receive daily.


Do you have problematic skin? I sure did. Mostly on my head and scalp. I couldn't use even organic shampoo without red mumps breaking out on my scalp until I started formulating my own soaps, eventually moving into a complete skincare line. Those with dry, combination, or oily skin (regardless of skin type) are bombarded with the same marketing messages telling us we'll need to use "such and such potion" or "acne formula." but guess what? A good skin care product and soap will help your skin work naturally without over-dependence on a chemical. In other words, you want skincare that works even if you skip a few days.


Some products create such a chemical dependency that when the harmful product is stopped abruptly, it causes problems like dry patches, oil overproduction, acne, and skin sensitivity and breakouts. Worse problems from not using a product are a sure sign that the body is giving up on doing its job. When we don't allow our body to work naturally, the body (and skin) become dependent on the drugs and fail to work without them. If you continue giving your skin and body an unhealthy crutch, cells can become stunted and damaged over time. Damaged cells can become cancerous. Also, dry skin means wrinkled skin, and no one signs up for that when choosing a product sold to them with the promise of reducing skin problems.

It's natural to age, but we don't want to add fuel to the fire with premature aging and skin cell damage. We want to protect our skin. We want something that feeds and prolongs our skin health. Naturally formulated skincare uses plant-based natural ingredients. Me and a tree soaps are specially formulated to balance the oily and dry parts of your skin while helping to shrink pores. Our products are formulated for the whole family, including unique bars for infants and pets.


Best Pore Cleansing and Acne Eczema Bar Soaps


When you choose ME AND A TREE soap for your daily routine, you are helping your skin naturally slough off dead skin cells before they clog the pores. When you wash your face before bedtime, you wash away pollutants and grime from the day, allowing your skin to breathe and repair at night. These are simple natural regimes that don't require much time and money but have significant returns when it comes to healthy skin.

Our soaps are used in places of work as well as homes. We sell to nurses, doctors, gardeners, mechanics, daycare workers, gym owners, college students, high school, the elderly, parents of babies, men, and women. We also sell to pet owners!

Anyone who works in an environment where hand washing is repeated many times throughout the day appreciates how gentle our soaps are while still being antibacterial and antiseptic without over-drying. As you can imagine, nurses who wash their hands repeatedly genuinely appreciate our mild soaps that lather and rinse off quickly for a clean antibacterial that won't cause cracked skin from repeated washings. Combined with our therapy body lotions, it makes a great gift of appreciation to those who deserve a little extra appreciation for how hard they work to protect and care for us and those they come in contact with multiple times a day.


Best Natural Organic Body Lotions For Sensitive Skin

So, if you thought bar soap meant no lather, lack of bubbles, and clogged pores, you will be delightfully surprised that not all "natural soaps" or "soaps in general" are not the same. Our unique formulations have been time-tested on people suffering from severe acne, eczema, psoriases, vitiligo, sunspots, premature aging, and ultra-sensitive skin (like me). Instead of causing more skin problems like many so-called "approved skin washes", our bar soaps have helped calm and clear up problematic skin issues while giving a healthy beautifying result.


I have sensitive skin and have enjoyed conquering eczema. I share my knowledge with you so you don't have to depend on something that creates an over-dependence. All our soaps are made with natural colors from the earth, such as red clay, kaolin clay, rose clay, and wild plants and flowers. We include beneficial non-clogging natural nonirritating oils such as olive oil, sweet almond oil, shea nut butter, Vitamin E, castor oil, and more. ME AND A TREE soaps are specially formulated and blended to gently cleanse, nourish and protect your skin while keeping it conditioned, pore refines and beautiful- all day, every day- even on the days you forget.

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