Avoiding Covid Virus 7 Health Tips For Combating Viruses & Bacterial Infections (Avoid Influenza)

7 Health Tips For Combating Viruses & Bacterial Infections (Avoid Influenza)

Hygiene, diet, exercise and lifestyle has always played a role in the overall physical health and mental well being of a person or society. We had some ups and mostly downs last year. A year that will be remembered to be a challenge for even our modern medicine and the heroes  professionals that made an impact and a difference to bring awareness and hope and how precious life is. 2020 has passed and as we move forward we can following simple, common and beneficial tips to stay healthy and positive. Here are 7 valuable tips for combating viruses & bacterial Infections everyday


7 Tips For Combating Viruses & Bacterial Infections (Avoid Influenza).

7 Health Tips For Combating Viruses & Bacterial Infections (Avoid Influenza)

1. Wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds using soap and water & avoid touching your eyes nose and face where it's most vulnerable to viruses. Use hand sanitizer when appropriate. Essential oil soaps are very nice to have on hand and won't dry your skin with multiple washing. Rosemary, Tea Tree, Spearmint, and more...
2. Eat healthily and avoid processed sugar, milk, cheese, and oils that inflame the body and feed infection giving viruses a foothold. White sugar stuns white blood cells which are your immunity- your body's line of defense against harmful intruders. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, raw healthy salads, seeds, nuts, legumes and root vegetables instead. Whole plant-based food is best when the body is overwhelmed by a virus & avoiding processed foods as much as possible (if not completely) can increase recover time dramatically. Here are some of my own healthy recipes
4. Relegate the news to once a day and then MOVE ON. You do not want to get "stuck" in flight or fight and start getting anxiety. Do other positive and happy things, go outside, and most importantly get fresh air and sunlight! Corona Virus can't live in the sunlight!
5.Exercise daily even if its for a 5 to 10 minute run. Very important for staying happy and healthy and active. Blood needs oxygen and oxygen destroys free radicals and stimulates your immune system.
6. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Pure fresh water rids the body of toxins, especially when you exercise, rehydrate and recover . Avoid soda and caffeine as caffeine dehydrates your body and skin too.
7. Avoid smoking, vaping or any form of toxic inhalants that reduce the intake of pure oxygen into your lungs and the poor contaminate quality of oxygen transported through your body. Viruses like Corona usually make enter the respiratory system and attacks lungs so keep them clean and healthy!
If you stay healthy you have the best chances of avoiding any kind of illness. Make sure you get adequate sleep too. You don't want your body getting run down now.

See you soon and stay positive & healthy- this too shall pass!
Love, Michelle & David
Michelle and David of ME AND A TREE Avoiding Covid FLU Cold Symtoms Viruses Bacteria
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