4 Secret Benefits of Borage You'll Love

4 Secret Benefits of Borage You'll Love

4 Secret Benefits of Borage You'll Love

 It’s no secret that as we age, our skin starts to lose its elasticity and youthful glow. Everyone is now looking for the best ways to nourish their skin and to prevent fine lines and wrinkles, without having to use harsh procedures like Botox. Drum roll, please… borage oil is about to become your new best friend.


Here are some benefits of Borage oil you’ll love:

What is Borage?

Borage, also known as Borago Officinalis, is a powerful wildflower. Though Borage used to be grown and harvested for its leaves and stems, it is now used for a very valuable oil found in its seeds-- borage oil.


4 Secret Benefits of Borage You'll Love

Borage oil is famous for its rich source of a fatty acid known as GLA (Gamma-Linolenic Acid). This is an essential fatty acid that can not only help replenish and maintain the skin’s moisture but can also aid in maintaining the skin’s elasticity.

Balances Skin Tone

Feeling that your skin is losing its natural tone? Is your skin appearing more rigid or dull? We know how to fix it! Luckily for us, the borage oil’s emollient properties provide instant hydration and even helps balance skin tone, without the harsh chemicals.


When it comes to rejuvenating the skin and finding harmony in your skin tone, borage oil is your go-to. The fatty acids in borage oil help revitalize and smooth while being gentle on the skin.


Ahem, who doesn’t want that?


Fights Aging

It’s not the easiest to fight aging when you’re not sure what may actually help. Thankfully, Me and a Tree’s natural and eco-friendly products include the wonderful properties of borage oil that can help pamper and stimulate your skin.


As borage oil is known for its high levels of GLA, using it daily to fight anti-aging may help treat any symptoms such as fine lines and wrinkles. Getting the right amount of GLA can help maintain youthful skin, working hormones, and a great metabolism. Some natural foods that naturally contain GLA are oatmeal!


The Bright Eyes and Face Daytime Line Defense Cream, made with primrose and borage oil (which have the highest GLA), is a famous favorite of many happy customers. This defense cream is combined with rich blends of skin-balancing nutrients that will help you look radiant and refreshed.


Best Natural  Borage Eyes & Face Cream Wrinkles Fine Lines Age Spots Blemishes



Helps Treat Skin Conditions

Borage oil has been widely used for the prevention and possible treatment of skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. When it comes to skin dryness and redness, borage is the perfect combination of soothing, gentle and effective. It is why we infuse organic borage oil into all our face care and natural organic skin smoothing body lotions

 natural organic skin smoothing body lotions

If you’re looking for an indulgent and all-natural formula to moisturize your skin and help prevent inflammation, Me and a Tree’s Honey Blossom Natural Skin Care Smoothing Lotion has essential properties that can definitely help. Patchouli is a natural anti-aging essential oil (not many know that!). Me and a Tree's hand and body lotions are all made with borage, primrose and jojoba oil. These moisturizers have the right defense formulation to help keep your skin relaxed, hydrated and well… flawless!


Helps Improve Skin Health

Believe it or not, borage oil contains high amounts of omega-6 fats that are crucial to the proper structure and function of the skin barrier. Borage actually helps promote a healthy skin barrier and can help clear up skin symptoms like one called infantile seborrheic dermatitis.


In one study, 32 children with eczema wore undershirts covered in borage oil for two weeks and noticed a great improvement in their skin barrier. It seems that other symptoms such as itching skin were relieved, too!


We’re not saying you should walk around with a saturated shirt filled with borage oil, but it goes to show that borage oil might just be an important nutrient that you’ll absolutely love when it comes to protecting and feeding your skin.


Feeling confident enough to take your skincare to the next level? Spoil yourself with Me and a Tree’s eco-friendly, all-natural and cruelty-free products that will treat you like a queen. We’re thinking sensual moisturizers, stimulating elixirs, and clean burning soot-free soy candles that smell heavenly!



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