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French Lavender Natural Massage Oil

French Lavender Natural Massage Oil

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Best Pure Natural French Lavender Massage Oil For Intimacy Massage Calming Headaches
Our French Lavender Natural Massage Oil 4oz is blended with pure French Lavender extracts. French Lavender is soothing and relaxing for both the skin, mind and a mother to be. Used widely in many aroma-therapies. Sweet almond oil is one of the most popular calming massage oils among massage therapists because It is slightly oily, which allows hands to glide easily over skin. Sweet almond oil is absorbed fairly quickly, but not so quickly that you need to keep reapplying it. With its light, non greasy weight and high fatty acid content that can nourish and soothe skin, sweet almond oil is also popular as bath additive and even a quick and nutritious moisturizer. Unlike other oils our premium skin-grade oil usually does not irritate skin and higher in vital skin nutrients to shine, 
glow and nourish elasticity. Great for the appearance of stretchmarks during and after pregnancy

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Sweet Almond Oil, French Lavender Essential Oil

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