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The Gift Of Self Care: Your 12 Day Journey to a More Radiant Valentine's Day


Can we talk a bit? Grab a cup of tea, this is a long one so, let's find a cozy little corner and have a chat. How are you?

It's been so long since we touched base. I have been a busy bee. I wanted to slow down and reconnect with you on a more personal level because you're important to me. It's like the minutes get sucked up into running from thing to thing. I am due for some self-reflection. How about you? Are you taking the time you need to push the pause button and regroup? Reflecting and dreams are important. I hope we can reconnect and inspire one another. 



I'm inviting you on a little 12-day self-discovery journey with me, where I will share wisdom nuggets and my own experiences (and mistakes) in hopes that you can learn from my own pitfalls so you don't have to experience the pain I did. Don't be put off if I share my personal life and my products along the way in hopes that it helps others- it's my passion, how I pay my bills, and what I enjoy. But most importantly, I hope you think about what we focus on over the next 12 days, and I hope it profoundly changes your life and makes you think deeply -and hopefully remind you that it's never too late.


In our journey as humans I believe that we have more in common than we have differences regardless of our many creeds and beliefs. People are feeling more afraid to communicate more than ever these days and and it's important to share in real and meaningful ways. My desire is to spread peace, hope, and love. Speaking of love- Its February. As we approach the season of love, I want to reflect not just on the love we share with others but on the love we give to ourselves that spills onto others. I am talking about going beyond "pampering," (although I think that's important!). However, I am talking about being more generous to our "being." More generous to our personal growth and how we truly want our lives to be. Life goes by so fast. You owe it to yourself to be generous to your own growth, time, and energy. I owe this to myself and my loved ones too. 


True generosity begins with how we first treat ourselves. Why? Because how we treat ourselves spills onto how we treat everyone else. Because no one will ever treat you better than you. It's just the way life is. Only you know what is important to you. Also, without first loving yourself, you won't have much to give anyone else because you can't pour from an empty cup. Just look at people these days. People are angry, overworked, and in a hurry, or so fearful they never leave the house. People rush to the grocery store, rush on the road while driving, rush to eat breakfast, rush with clients, rush to get off the phone, and then come home in a bad mood. Anxiety has gone ballistic. Depression is an epidemic. Negative energy is not good for us or others, neither spiritually nor physically. It's can be a sign that we need to slow down and reflect a bit.


I know firsthand about rushing, being impatient, and being overly driven. I used to be all things to all people. I was used to going a million miles an hour. I ran my company, Me and a Tree, did back-to-back praise and worship concerts on the weekend, both Saturday and Sunday (5 services), I was in training as an advanced scuba diver and worked with scientists in coral reef restoration projects, and ran not only the manufacturing side of Me and a Tree by making products but also did my own farmers markets (about three -five a week) while my staff also ran five a week. I cared for two geriatric lifetime kitties, and I was creating a course ironically on how to live your best life! I did a lot. I made good money. I helped a lot of people. I also wore out all my adrenals. 


There's nothing wrong with working hard. There's nothing wrong with helping others. There is something wrong with being addicted to the kill (adrenaline) and not being able to sit still. After a spiritual awakening (and illness), I realized I was being called to slow down. I had to learn that just because I could - didn't mean I should. That's a hard one to slay! You really have to be alone with yourself to unpack that. I also had to learn to say no to church requests, even to good things, for a while. I still revisit that from time to time. Why? Because I needed to remember who I was. Who I was created by and what I was created for. To BE a human being, not a human doing, and I knew I wasn't made to be a hot mess, snappy, and going a million miles an hour for other people or because I was addicted to being "successful." Also, some people use busyness as a cover to avoid self reflection.


In all my busyness, I thought if I made more of my time and life, I would be better and loved more. I have learned that if I am not accepted and loved for who I am (instead of what I am capable of), then I am surrounded by the wrong influences- period. If you find yourself saying "yes" without thinking about what you really desire deep down then you may be addicted to "doing." I was lousy at saying no. I was good at doing a lot. I was proud to be a multi-tasker. It made me feel "confident". It's kind of like "list makers" who feel good about checking things off but avoid the hard work of the one thing they are avoiding- the thing that requires a whole day, week, month or even years. The one thing that is the hardest.


It's fun to check things off of a list. I get it! I am a list maker! But. It's also a good way to avoid deep self reflection and relationship. Anyways back to my story. So, then I got sick. My whole life came to a halt. And you know what? A lot has changed in my life. And guess what? I AM SO GLAD! Because I learned how to connect with myself on a deeper level. The thing that takes time is reflection. You can't check that off on a nice neat little list. It's not a one time thing. It takes more time and it's important. You don't need to stay there forever, but you should stay long enough until you come back more at peace, more calm, and more whole.


So, where am I going with this today? Here's where. 

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it's all too easy to fall into the trap of endless to-dos, leaving us feeling drained and disconnected from our own deep spiritual and physical needs and desires. This constant chase, often driven by our brain's craving for dopamine, keeps us busy but not necessarily fulfilled- or genuinely connected to truth. The irony? In our quest to show up for everyone and everywhere, we sometimes overlook the deeper aspects of ourselves. Growth.


This Valentine's season, let's use it to redefine self-care. It's not just about indulging in a spa day (though we highly recommend it!). It's about carving out moments in your day to connect with yourself, whether through prayer and meditation, a walk in nature, or simply sitting quietly with your own thoughts. Be still and know. Be. Still. 



Over the next 12 days, we invite you to join us on a journey of self-discovery and wellness.

Each day, we'll share a simple yet powerful way to connect with yourself, to your higher power, and to pause, and appreciate the beauty within you and around you. From the luxurious embrace of our all-natural skincare to the simple act of self-care, let's celebrate this Valentine's by giving ourselves the love and care so we can be more generous to others in the most fulfilling and healthy way. 


Remember, when you feel good, you glow differently. Let's make this Valentine's Day about radiating love from the inside out. At Me and a Tree Skincare, we believe that the most profound love story begins with you and your well-being.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's self-care tip, and let's embark on this beautiful journey together. Because you deserve it, and when you're filled with love and self-appreciation, you'll find that you have so much more to give to those around you.


With love and care,

💚 Michelle &

Your Me and a Tree Family

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