The Beauty of Lemongrass Natural Organic Soap

The Beauty of Lemongrass

Best natural organic Lemongrass Essential Oil Acne Clay Bar For Men Women Kids

The making of my artisan lemongrass essential oil and clay soap is always a delight and an accomplishment for me. Essential oil blending is not as easy at it may sound. Although I enjoy many phthalate free scents, my true love is blending essential oils. I look forward to my ever growing essential oil spa-bar line. Essential oil bars work best on my skin and most everyone else's too. That's why we create so many varieties, because everyone likes something a little different. We have something for everyone.


Best natural organic Lemongrass Essential Oil Acne Clay Bar For Men Women Kids


Over the years we have had requests for lemongrass and citrus scented soap bars but have found those particular oils a bit more challenging work with. For example; essentials oils don't smell as you would expect them to straight out of the bottle (as opposite of fragrance oils- which do). Essential oils are more complex to work with scent wise. Making a mistake is not cheap either, as essential oils are costly. Experimenting with so many different essential oils while trying to get scents just perfect, takes quite a bit of trial and error, a darn good nose, and knowledge regarding the safety information about topical use of essential oils, especially if planning to sell them successfully.  


Pure Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil

My attraction to natural essential oils comes from the love of creating and mixing exotic botanicals and the fascination that the oils also have medicinal properties. When I create a soap or body care product, I think of the effect I want each soap or cream to have and what benefit I will obtain. My goal is to create a natural skin product that is superior to commercial bar soaps and mass produced skincare. Creating face bars that gently clean the dirt and grime away while conditioning delicate skin and shrinking pores is my specialty. I want to help everyone's skin to look and stay youthful, vibrant, and healthy. I simply enjoy using natural ingredients to help people look and feel great.

My skincare creations start with love and high expectations. When I select anti-aging oils such as sweet almond, borage, organic coconut, cold virgin pressed olive fruit oil, along with powerfully potent essential oils, I feel confident that I'm offering the best in skincare both for myself, my family, and my clients. That's why I believe we have such a loyal following. People recognize quality and they prefer it once they understand the benefits. I make a point to carefully source my vegetable and plant oils from farms that bring back the eco-environment. It's great to be able to support businesses that believe in the ethical treatment of animals as well as sustainability.

Soap making and aromatherapy is an art and science unto itself. I enjoy  blending top, middle, and bottom notes that compliment each other. With this mindset, it becomes very much like creating a musical symphony.  I am always continuing my education, and reading up on the latest news. Understanding the chemistry and medicinal parts of plants and botanicals is an ever learning art and science. For instance, lemongrass essential oil from a certain regions may contain different amounts of Geranial. There is between eight and nine different naturally occurring chemicals in lemongrass essential oil alone. Everything is made of chemicals. Water (H2O) is by definition a chemical. Synthetic chemicals, on the other hand, is a whole different animal. 

Naturally when I read about the research that took place at Ben Gurion University of the Negev a public research university in Beersheba, Israel, I was thrilled. They discovered in 2005 that the lemon aroma (chemical constituent) in herbs like lemongrass kills cancer cells in vitro while leaving healthy cells unharmed, I became even more interested in learning about the oil of lemongrass. It is particularly the Citral (Geraniol + Limonene) inside the grass oil that is of particular interest to the studies.

According to a Rodney Young, who has a Ph.D. in medicinal chemistry from the University of Essex, who writes about the anticarcinogenic effects of Lemongrass, and the antigenotoxic effects it has inside cells, the studies (as there were many) documented how lemongrass oil reduced pre-cancerous cells in breast tissue, mouth carcinomas and more. This piqued my interest and a lot of other researchers too. Take a look around on the internet and read about Israel's large lemongrass fields used in cancer treatments. Fascinating. I couldn't wait to make a lemongrass bar since it has so many benefits.

Living in Miami Florida has contributed significantly to my appreciation of nature, the ocean, our environment, and natural living. Becoming more eco-conscious and educating myself, my clients, and the world, of how chemically laden products used on the skin can make their way back into the ocean and environment has helped shaped the way me and my company Me and a Tree Skincare choose to do business. We choose ingredients sourced from farms that support reforestation and choose not to practice animal testing. Farms we source from bring back animal populations that are dwindling and their endangered habitats. Rain Forest Alliance has accomplished some pretty amazing things in the last five years and we are proud to use their green frog logo on many of our products. You can't use that logo unless you buy from certified farms like we do.

Handmade artisan bath and beauty formulators running an eco-conscious business such as myself, enjoy sharing knowledge in fun creative ways. I get to do that through my skincare creations. I am grateful for our customers who choose to support our efforts by purchasing our hand poured, handcrafted, eco-friendly skincare and candles. Every positive choice made makes a huge impact for people, animals, and the world in which we all live. We believe skin care should harmonize with nature and earth. We enjoy helping people feel naturally beautiful in their own skin.

Do you want to experience a naturally handcrafted artisan bar soap made from the essential oil of lemongrass from a soap making expert? Go to and select Lemongrass Clay Bar and enjoy being pampered by nature. 

Warning: After trying our artisan handcrafted luxury bar soap, you may never want to buy another cheap synthetically made mass produced bar of soap ever again. In fact we can pretty much guarantee it!

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