Natural Soy Milk Recipe For Hot Flashes (Natural Perimenopause & Menopause Remedy)

Natural Soy Milk Recipe For Hot Flashes (Natural Perimenopause & Menopause Remedy)

Natural Soy Milk Recipe For Hot Flashes

Whether its perimenopause (the time before actual menopause) or menopause (the time when a woman has ceased from having her cycle for more than a year), many women wish for help with hot flashes and many other unwanted menopausal symptoms. We want balanced hormones.


Hormones can be helped by the foods we choose to eat or choose not to eat. It's beneficial to avoid unhealthy foods and instead opt for leafy greens and more natural food choices. Below I will share how I help control warm & hot flashes (including cold flashes). If you want the Natural Soy Milk Recipe alone simply skip to the bottom of this post.


I want to invite you to learn more about the foods that can exacerbate hot flashes and other unwanted symptoms of peri and menopause so you can start thinking about how you may want to incorporate healthy options. This time in a woman's life can last for many years, so the more you learn now, the better you will feel both now and then. I will post the studies below.


Foods to incorporate. Soy and cruciferous vegetables.

Here's one study regarding the fact the Japanese women experience little to no adverse menopausal symptoms largely due to their high plant food intake including specifically soy-protein.

Another study can be found here on cancer survivor patients given soy and cruciferous vegetables to lower hot flashes from menopause along with fatigue. CONCLUSION of the study:

"In this population of breast cancer survivors, higher soy and cruciferous vegetable intake were associated with less treatment-related menopausal symptoms and fatigue" Here is another study here & this one talks about the research pointing to better bone and heart health from soy.


Being a natural researcher, I looked into and found that the studies were well documented by doctors and researchers alike. So, I decided to add more soy to my life. I grew up on soymilk and really enjoyed it but we didn't make it from scratch. I wanted to actually make it myself so I knew exactly what was going into it. I had heard about all the preservatives and additives such as guar gum, seaweeds, and other ingredients that were questionable for our health and only wanted pure soybeans that were free from genetically modified farms from America.


After going on a plant-based lifestyle, I decided to add soy back into my life along with lentils and other natural plant-based proteins. I specifically noticed a huge downturn in my hot/warm flashes after drinking my own homemade soymilk. I haven't had the warm/hot flashes since December which is when I started making my own non-GMO soy milk from scratch. I know that it works for me.


I also found out that drinking too much vegetable juice fast caused me to get freezing chills. The reason for this is that the stomach has to work too hard to break down all the juice when drinking too fast (like when I am in a hurry or just not thinking about it). Once I slowed down and drank over the course of 15 minutes or so all the freezing cold flashes completely stopped. If you find that you are so cold after eating or drinking, slow down - it helps a lot. I no longer get those since slowing down my vegetable juice drinking in the mornings. It's nice to have a regulated body temperature!


Things to avoid. Caffeine in all forms period. If you truly want hot flash and crabby mood relief, better sleep, fewer headaches, depression, and better health- get rid of all caffeine period. It's up to you. Chocolate. Same thing. I hate to be the bearer of bad news because I too love chocolate and can get pretty happy with a Starbucks Mochaccino, but if I want to feel good and not have headaches, hot flashes, and fatigue- I avoid those kinds of things along with white sugar or any processed sugar. I do eat raw honey. That's the only sweetener I truly find that helps me feel great. I dabble in Stevia and opt for dates in my smoothies when needed.


Obviously fried food, overly processed food, and junk food is a no brainer. Go for natural wholefood in its most natural state as much as possible and eat lots of beautiful and colorfully diverse salads, fruits and vegetables daily.


Okay now that we've got that out of the way, let's get on with how I make my own SoyMilk recipe so you can also make your own. Its easy, fun and there's nothing that tastes better in the "milk world" in my own opinion.

Locating White Soybeans
First, start with organic or non-GMO soybeans if possible. I used to get mine from Lucky's but they shut down. Check your local health food store in the bulk section. You may also find Asian stores carry them in the dry beans section. Oh, and by the way, this is not edamame soybeans. These are white (beige actually) soybeans that look like a cross between a pea and a chickpea. They are round.

Best Natural Soy Milk Recipe For Hot Flashes

(Hot Flash Relief)

Tools & Ingredients Needed

  • Blender
  • A strainer of some sort (I use a nut milk bag and a metal strainer)
  • Large bowl or cooking pot (I use a medium cooking pot and the inside of my high-pressure cooker/Instapot)
  • Colander (for draining soybeans)
  • Glass baking dish or any container to soak beans in overnight.
  • Pink Salt
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Honey or sweetener of choice if you desire)
  • Cashews
  • Purified water
  • Stovetop


Step 1 Measure & Soak Overnight
Measure out 3 cups of dry soybeans into a glass baking dish or whatever you have on hand. Rinse beans in the colander. That's the thing you use to drain things such as pasta, lettuce, etc. It doesn't matter what it's made out of. Some are metal and many are food-grade plastic. Run regular water over the beans and allow any dirt or residue to come off. Pick out any rocks or dead brown rotten beans. It only takes about 30 seconds.

Soak Overnight
Now you are going to add those rinsed soybeans to your overnight soaking container and fill up with filtered water. Make sure the beans are covered with about two inches of water above the top of the beans. Place in refrigerator overnight.

Next Morning
Your soybeans will have soaked up the water and expanded considerably.
Drain water. Then add soybeans to a medium to large size cooking pot. Fill up with new filtered water. You may reuse the water you soaked them in however, I do not.

After placing soybeans & filtered water in a pot, make sure water is 2-3 inches above soybeans and boil for no more than 15 minutes. I put mine on a timer for 17 minutes because it takes about 2 minutes to come to a full boil on my stove. Do not overcook or it won't taste good. Less is better. They should be slightly crunchy and partially cooked and taste pleasant.

Remove Soybeans From Stove After Boiling
You will empty hot water and soybeans from the pan into the colander. Run cool water over your beans for a few seconds to cool them down. Then add drained and cooled soybeans back to a cooking pot or large container. Fill up beans with tepid water. I use the regular tap water because beans have already plumped up full with filtered water.

Rinse Beans (we call this "scrubbing the beans").
Gently rub a handful of beans together in your hands. You can keep your hands in or out of the water while doing this. Keep grabbing handfuls and scrubbing the beans around so as to remove the skins off of the beans.

Natural Soy Milk Recipe Scrubbing the Beans

You will notice tiny clear skins start to float up to the top of the water. Keep rubbing your beans between your hands until you no longer feel a slick feeling. You may turn on the faucet and agitate the bean skins to rise and pour off. I like using the water faucet to help move beans and skins around since they float. Here is a picture or video.

Once you start to feel squeaky like feeling in your hands the bean skins are off and you are ready to blend and add your ingredients. You will see that when pouring off the water the bean skins float up and easily pour out. Hold your strainer to catch all the skins and allow water to pass through a colander. Don't worry if a few beans escape because most will stay on the bottom of the pot as you tip it over and let the faucet refill the bean pot. Keep stirring and agitating until all the beans skins are gone. You will see nice yellowish beans free from any of the grey clear skins.

Blending The Ingredients
Now add 1 cup of beans to your blender and save the other beans in a few premeasured zip lock bags or containers. This single batch will last for about 4-5 days for one person perhaps two persons. After a few days, you can thaw out the frozen beans and make fresh soy milk for at least a good month.

Now fill up your blender half to three-quarters of the way and add the following ingredients

1 Tbl Honey (or sweetener of your choice- some leave out the sweetener all together- that is up to your own preference).
1 Capful of real vanilla extract ( I use Madagascar Vanilla from Wholefoods with a little monkey-like creature on it Massey is good too)
1/2 tsp of pink salt or whatever you prefer
1 handful of roasted Unsalted Trader Joes Cashews. I use about 15-20 whole cashews. You do not have to add cashews but it makes for deliciously creamy and nutritious milk! You could opt for another kind of nut as well. Just remember the skins may color the milk. Straining helps.

Soy Milk Recipe Cashew Ingredients

Strain Milk Through Nut Bag or Strainer or Both.
You don't want to press the nut bag too hard or the meal will squirt out so just gently massage the bag back and forth like you are milking a cow. Some people use the mixture to make all kinds of things. It is referred to as Okiri. I have blended mine into smoothies and granola recipes. I have even made vegan eggs with them. It's okay. It's not bad. I add them to my homemade waffles sometimes as well.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy this simple nutritious recipe




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