Gift Ideas Everyone Appreciates

Gift Ideas Everyone Appreciates

Natural Vegan Organic Cruelty Free Plant Based Hand Crafted Skin Care Gift Set Products
Come once for the experience. Return for the results.

It's the end of the year, and you want to say thank you to the people that you're grateful to this year, but what kind of gift is appropriate? There are so many different health philosophies out there that it can almost start to feel like politics. It's hard to know where to begin with gift-giving sometimes. Here's a great tip that helps relax the mood.
One thing I personally love about our customers is that they appreciate the many options we have for vegans and vegetarians. The whole point of my business is to provide cruelty-free options for everyone and to keep chemicals out of ME AND A TREE SKINCARE and out of the products I provide to the world. You will never find BHT, sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, phthalates or any of those kinds of unnecessary ingredients in any of our products or skincare line. While some argue those ingredients may be okay- we feel that it's best to avoid anything that has overly processed chemicals and ingredients that have harmful and or questionable side effects.
Natural Flower Scents

Everyone enjoys a chemically free option where possible and you can certainly enjoy shopping and sharing Me and a Tree fine artisan handcrafted products with anyone regardless of their brand of health because all of our products are "clean products". We understand how important it is to use the best ingredients available when searching for more natural living bodycare. One thing we don't need more of is harmful or questionable chemicals in our daily living- especially in a product that is going onto our skin or back into the environment in which we all live, breathe, work & play. We also make sure our products are reef safe as well.
Whether your friends, family and/or loved ones are on the paleo journey or feel better on a more vegetarian or vegan journey we have something that all groups can come together on and appreciate - natural hand made skincare free from harmful chemicals (that also happens to be cruelty-free). Those are the most important contributions we feel we can make in this world.
In a world where big box stores with impressive marketing but cheap ingredients- vie for the attention of the masses- we believe that keeping it simple is better for you, me, and the planet in the long run.
Herbal Mixture

When it comes to scents and ingredients we enjoy working with natural plants, flowers, cold-pressed virgin oils, botanicals, natural fragrances, and essential oils, because if natural and superior options are available - why not use them? FI am so grateful that I have a background in herbal healing. I have certainly enjoyed helping myself and others on this journey. My philosophy of creating natural and healthy skincare is to make using face and body care both enjoyable and safe as well as beneficial for sensitive skincare needs (and normal skincare needs as well) while being easy on our planet.
Having real fresh ingredients herbs, flowers, oils is a beautiful luxury that everyone (including those who don't have sensitive skin) can indulge in without worrying- which is an added benefit of shopping with us. Choosing a naturally made brand you know and trust is an extra special gift we give both to ourselves and to our friends and loved ones and makes the world a little kinder, a little more enjoyable and certainly more fun.
All of us sometimes have schedules that can get so overrun with "stuff" that we do what's convenient at times over what's best. We all can forget that self-care & living more natural while preserving our planet can be a great deal of fun. Splurging on something as simple as a botanical lotion, artisan herbal/floral soap, or naturally scented essential oil soy candle can help bring balance into our well being and a sense of calm and safety. In a world of mass-produced cheap products with questionable and downright dangerous ingredients- why not treat ourselves to better things?

A beautiful way to indulge while putting a smile in our soul.

Michelle and her beautiful soaps

This season feel free to share high-quality products with those you love and appreciate so that they too can enjoy feeling pampered and cared for while basking in the joy of your thoughtful gift. Loved ones may be too busy to remember that there are products that are safe and promote a sense of harmony. Scents lower stress, reminding us that when we take a little time out to recharge- we feel more confident, calm and self-assured- and well, JUST HAPPY!

Me and a Tree Products

We hope you will share what you love most from Me and a Tree Plant-Based Skincare and body products with your friends, families, kids, teachers, house helpers, bosses, employees and more- because it will bring a smile of gratitude to their faces, knowing that you took the extra time and care in choosing something extra special for them this year. It's an elegant way to say thank you and spread a little holiday cheer to those you care about and appreciate.

Join us this year in sharing the love of ALL THINGS NATURAL with friends & family and make this a beautifully fun healthy holiday season! Together we can put a smile on their soul.

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