Tranquility Natural Bath Therapy Body Glow Scrub, French Lavender Stress Formula

$ 32.00

Tranquility Natural Bath Therapy Body Glow Scrub and Soak, French Lavender Stress Formula 16oz is a pure relaxing, skin softening, body glow and aromatherapy spa treatment made with an essential oil blend of pure French Lavender.  Its analgesic and antiviral properties calm and sooth while bath salts exfoliate and soften. Removes dead and dry patches leaving skin feeling soft renewed and refreshed with a natural glow. Infused in Vitamin E  rich sweet almond oil that not only corrects dry skin but it also keeps the PH of the skin at normal level. Due to its superb texture it easily absorbs into the skin and maintains skin tone.
Scrub lightly to body or sore areas such as lower back or knees in a steam shower or bath tub. Relax for 5-15 minutes in shower or tub or until salts dissolve. Rinse and pat dry. For jet tubs or steam rooms place a scoop into water area and enjoy. 
*Please use caution using in shower as oil may make tub slippery. Avoid direct contact with face, eyes, nose and sensitive membranes.

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