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Me and a Tree Skincare

Monoi Gentle Face Cleanse Gift Set

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Me and a Tree Natural Gentle Cleanse Monoi Gift Set Rosacea, Sensitive Skin

Monoi Age Defying GLA Hydration Natural C Facial Cream  2oz Monoi Age Defying GLA Hydration Natural Monoi Flower Facial Cream  2oz with Pure Monoi Flower, Jojoba, Borage Oil Damascus Rose. Our renown Monoi de Tiaré Night Cream is formulated to deeply nourish all skin types. We lose GLA as we age. That is why we included oils with the highest range of GLA available. Our freshly made cream is hand blended with the freshest ingredients available using all natural plant extracts and vitamins. Monoi de Tiaré Night Cream evens and tones the complexion giving a flawless look to the skin. Monoi de Tiare replenishes the skin with vital plant-based nutrients without ever clogging pores. We include a special airless vacuum sealed container in our face creams to ensure no oxygenation takes place. Naturally fresh and gentle ingredients, ready for application. Monoi de Tiaré  is an excellent solution for sensitive skin sufferers

Charcoal Kaolin Clay Detox Natural Artisan Handcrafted Face & Body Vegan Bar Soap 6oz-8.5oz. With Activated Charcoal, Kaolin Clay and Cold Pressed Olive Fruit Oil is a superior quality pure essential oil bar with natural antibacterial properties. For all ages and skin types. Charcoal Kaolin Clay Skin Care Bar is a deodorizing and micro-exfoliating favorite. This vegan detox delight is handcrafted with anti-bacterial essential botanicals, activated charcoal, and Kaolin Clay. Can be used on the face and body as a daily cleanser or deep pore cleansing mask. See Mask Application below. Contains naturally occurring cleansing properties that support the recovery of problematic skin.  Mild enough to be used on the hair, (an excellent shampoo bar) our Charcoal and Kaolin Clay blend is effective for facial detoxifying (highly recommended for face) and deep pore cleansing. Excellent anti-itch soap, all-in-one shampoo, body wash, smooth shaving, and facial soap. Soothes and softens while effectively removing excess oil, makeup residue, and dirt. Recommended for sensitive to normal skin. acne 

Mask Application:

Excellent daily cleansing Soap. For best results apply warm water or steam to face or 

The Best Natural Purification Pore Cleansing Acne Handcrafted Soap

body while creating a thick lather. Lather with a mild to medium face brush then sit back for 5 minutes or until mask is fully dry. We recommend 1-2 mask treatments a week especially those with oilier than normal skin. When mask is air dried return to steam and warm water to remove. Clay or mud bars work best when your pores are open. For best results gently remove soap with steam or warm water to  remove soap mask. 

Facial Brush Double Bristle Deep Pore & Collagen Unisex Facial Brush 

Double bristle faced facial brush that removes dirt, oil, acne-causing germs and dead skin cells. Works excellent with any of our detox, clay or full body bars. Stimulates circulation and collagen production for a younger looking skin. Also prevents blackheads from emerging through a routinely regime of gentle exfoliation and breakdown of potential oil and dirt. Apart from these, our facial brush promotes circulation, and enhances absorption of our skin care nutrients. The silicon bristles guarantee a gentle cleansing and and comfortable massage onto your skin without irritation of some facial scrubs. Its compact size allows you to bring it along wherever you go.



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