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Me and a Tree Natural Skin Care

Eucalyptus Muscle Relief Natural Skin Care Gift Set

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Our Eucalyptus Muscle Relief Natural Skin Care Gift Set the perfect gift to cleanse, clear and relieve and comes with our 

Natural Soap Saver Body Scrub Exfoliator Coarse. Reef Safe. No synthetic fibers. Great for dry brushing dead skin before a oil massage treatment. Can be used as an exfoliating mitten or soap pouch to bathe and lather. 100 percent natural and safe for the environment. 

Eucalyptus Pink Sea Salt Natural Vegan Artisan Handcrafted Exfoliate MIcro Scrub Soap 6oz-8.5oz With Pure Himalayan Pink Salt Eucalyptus Herb Extract. Our Eucalyptus & Pink Salt Spa Bar is loaded with anti-bacterial properties and also a must for any skin care regimen. Our refreshing and revitalizing Eucalyptus and Himalayan Pink Salt is gentle but deeply micro exfoliates to soften the skin and cleanse the pores that support the recovery of problematic skin conditions. For best results use in steam to deeply cleanse clogged pores. Excellent all-in-one shampoo, body wash and facial deep cleansing soap

Our Eucalyptus Mint Natural Skin Care Smoothing  Lotion 6oz handcrafted with nourishing Borage and Aloa is a soothing spa of joy for your senses. This cooling formula is loaded with skin vitamins and it can be used for a nutritious massage for tired joints and muscles after sunburn recovery cream or daily moisturizer. Specially formulated to support healthy skin with the help of Jojoba Oil and Borage Oil both rich in gamma linoleic acids. Horsetail is higher in silica than any other herb and supports the skins natural ability to sooth and balance the skin. With the help of infused Horsetail and many other natural botanicals is what makes this moisturizer a top choice for many skin needs.

Muscle eez Cooling Relief Rub 4oz is a cooling muscle and joint massage rub that is 100 percent chemical free. Formulated with a natural blend of essential and camphorous oils that deeply penetrates sore muscle and joint areas. Muscle eez also naturally supports nasal de-congestion and allergy relief.Infused with German Chamomile and Frankincense to calm tired, achy and over worked muscles. The only cooling rub made with an array of nutritional oils such as Borage and Jojoba that makes this muscle and joint relief lotion also nutritiously moisturizing. 
Eco-Friendly, Vegan and Cruelty-free. 

And our Pure Eucalyptus Drops Diffuser and Bath  Essential Oil .50oz 100% Pure.  Eucalyptus is also widely used in aromatherapy and in homes and spas all over the world. Our Pure Eucalyptus Essential Therapy Drops can also be used in a diffuser, relaxing bath or shower with just a few drops added to shampoo or used in an oil balm to relieve congestion. 1-2 drops is all that is needed. 

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