Facts & Answers To Common Questions

Q) Why is the soap/cream a different color than the last time?
A) We are an artisan company. I make all products by hand and as an artistic expression may swirl or pour a soap in a different way than last time. Also, herb colors can change depending on the season but this in no way affects the scent or efficacy of products. A soap can, however, be lighter or darker from batch to batch but we use the exact same ingredients in each batch including essential oils/scenting which is responsible for the smell. All ingredients are weighed and matched ingredient for ingredient including the herbs. No two batches will look identical as I again, make them by hand from scratch. Much like a baker- it will smell the same but may have color variants- lighter/darker shades, different swirl patterns etc. I reserve that right as a creator and most find that to be the reason artisan soap is so enjoyable. As the seasons change so do the natural herb colors. It's natural and perfectly normal.
Q) There is a layer of ashy looking color/discolor/different color on the top of my soap. Is my soap still good?
A) Yes, it's perfectly natural and a good bar of soap! That dusty odd colored layer is called soda ash. It is a natural result of the ingredients in the bar hitting the air (different air temps can result in more or less of soda or soap ash) and is not in any way a bad bar.
Q) Is My Order Insured & Protected?
A) Deliveries to Residential Areas (Private Homes) are covered and insured. Packages under $99 come with insurance and delivery confirmation. Packages over $100 come with insurance and proof of signature. Always make sure you trust where you are sending packages to. Hotels and colleges are not covered for reship if items are stolen. Business' that signs for your delivery are also not covered for a reship if a signature is obtained.
Q) My Shipment Had Not Arrived/My Order was Lost or Stolen.
A) You were sent a tracking number when your order was made (check your spam folder). If an order is marked "delivered" but you are still missing it- please contact us and be prepared to go to your local post office to pick it up before it is sent back. All orders must be received back in our facility before we reship an order so, checking for your order at your post office will ensure you get your package in a timely manner. 
 Always make sure to have a package sent to a secure location. Hotels and Colleges are notorious for losing packages and having them stolen so be smart and make sure you have a secure place you are sending to. We can not and do not ship to P.O. Boxes.
Q) Ordered-Received but Items Missing or Incorrect.
A) We take pictures of all orders going out with items clearly showing your items and order form. We will send free of charge any order that was incorrect on our part. We do not cover mistakes on your end (ie: incorrect number or wrong item ordered). Always double check your order form before purchasing.
Q) Package Delivered to Wrong Address. 
A) We do not change or re-write addresses from online orders forms. We simply mail out to wherever you input into our online system. You are responsible for spell checking and confirming your own address. We will not reship an order if the mistake in an incorrectly submitted address. We do not replace items due to customer error. Our system is built to send exactly to the address you provide. We do this to make sure we do not make mistakes on our end. It's a system fail proof method. If you made an error login to your account and change your address. If your package hasn't been sent yet then it will get a printed label with the correct address. If it has already gone out, make the corrections so your next order will get to the correct address. You may want to check the address you accidentally sent it to and/or call your local post office. 1-800-ASK-USPS to see if you can bring you identification and pick up paid for items at your post office.
Wrong or Missing Items From Order. If your order has the wrong item resulting from a mistake on our end and is different from what is listed on your order form that you input, we will gladly pay for reshipping your order free of charge. Our system only reprints what you add. Double check your order before finalizing.
Damaged Package. If your package shows unusual damage DO NOT ACCEPT THE PACKAGE. Package must be denied and sent back to our facility in order for us to replace contents and resend at our expense.
Return Policy. Our policy is that ALL SALES ARE FINAL. If a seal has been broken or item used we can not accept any returns -no exceptions. All sales are final. If you have an unusual request, all unusual return requests are handled on a case by case basis. Please email us at info@meandatree.com allowing 7-10 business days for a response.