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Natural Soap Bars

Looking for an essential oil facial soap for sensitive skin? A fragrant deodorant bar? A luxury Shampoo bar? Need a great shave bar, or body bar that doesn't make your skin itch or break out? Whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin- you'll love our skin balancing face & body soap bars! We make & formulate all of our artisan handcrafted soap bars scientifically using the most luxuriously natural organic & wildcrafted, herbs, flower botanicals, natural spices, mineral clays & dead sea mud, activated charcoal, & pure essential oils which are of the highest caliber. We combine natural gentle scents that are always PHTHALATE FREE & Sodium Laural Sulphate (SLS) FREE as well  You can trust our cruelty-free eco-friendly soaps for the whole family. Join the men, women, kids & pets all enjoying using our all-natural handcrafted luxury soap bars that all lather beautifully. 

Learn More. When you see a soap that lists chemicals in its ingredients- those are harsh "detergents" and many so-called "natural" soap companies add BHT, Propylene Glycol & SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) which harms the skin to make their bars lather, stay longer on the shelf and because they either aren't actual master soapers or they settle for cheaper ingredients to boost their bottom line. There are crafters who lack the knowledge and there are commercial brands that count on their bottom line alone leaving the consumer in the dark and dissatisfied. Then there is ME AND A TREE. We care deeply about the effects ingredients have on the skin. Being a person that suffered from eczema and sensitive skin- I set out to create natural yet highly effective options for people who can't use normal products on their skin. You have sensitivities and do not want additives & certain comedogenic chemicals in your regimen. We get that! You can count on us to help you and your family- and perhaps even change your mind about what a good facial bar can truly give you & your skin.