Me and a Tree | Natural Skincare Gift Sets

There's something special that happens when you send a loved one a luxurious purely natural skincare gift set with so many options available to them. Sending a gift set that's all-natural organic and cruelty-free says a lot about you and your own integrity. You stand out from the crown. You show that you care about the earth and the environment and help others find a better path. Natural Gift Sets also make beautiful self-care gifts to ourselves as well. 

All of our gift sets are made exclusively for those desiring genuinely fresh, natural, gentle & safe ingredients for the whole body. Something so beautifully natural and exciting as an all-natural eco-friendly naturally fragrant gift set shows your loved ones that you care about quality and their wellbeing. It's a gift that says "I appreciate you!"

All of our Skincare Gift Sets are made using the freshest plant, flower botanicals, essential oils, and herbal infusions ingredients as everything has been made weekly. Me and a Tree cruelty-free plant-based skincare gift sets are ready to ship to the ones you love. An excellent choice for sensitive skincare needs.