Jumping Java Face & Body Exfoliate (Essential Fatty Acids)

$ 28.00

Natural Face Body Exfoliator Miami FloridaOur Jumping Java
Natural GLA Facial Mask & Body Exfoliator Polish should be part of every skin regime.
A blend of mountain grown high-quality coffee beans, flower extracts infused with essential skin balancing GLA rich oils such as Evening Primrose, Borage Flower and Sweet Almond Oil along with balancing botanicals make this a skin nurturing addition to any apothecary collection. This powerful exfoliating scrub aids in gently eliminating dead skin cells while softening and moisturizing the derma giving an instant and noticeably radiant glow to the face.  The combination of the nutrient rich oils and brown sugar produces natural essential fatty acids (GLA), which help nutrify the skin and bring a smoothing appearance to fine lines and wrinkles leaving your skin youthfully soft and gently moisturized. Balances all skin types. Supports the bodies removal of blackheads.


Use a quarter sized portion and gently scrub with circular motion face (careful not to get into eyes while rubbing) or body area for 30-45 seconds. Leave on skin as a mask for one to five minutes then rinse with tepid water (careful not to get into eyes) and pat dry. For best results steam the face or body area in a hot bath or shower prior to using for an extra special skin softening experience.

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