Bright Eyes and Face Daytime Line Defense Cream

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Bright Eyes and Face Derma GLA Line Defense Cream  30ml Created for sensitive to normal skin.
I created this cream with the memory of growing up on the West Coast of the United States (California and Washington). As a child, I would see fields of flowers and herbs growing up all around me. I would spend hours looking at each stem and flower. I was fascinated with nature and all the textures, shapes and colors all around me. Plants and herbs made such an impact on me as a child because when I would get a rash or illness, I knew which flowers or herbs would be most beneficial to bring relief. I now give that knowledge to you in a bottle.

Bright Eyes & Face Derma Line Defense Cream contains botanical flower extracts, face vitamins, and skin enriching emollients which help rejuvenate, nourish, balance and refresh your facial skin. I also added potent life-giving phytonutrients (plant extracts) like Carrot Seed Oil, Tamanu, and Vit E to help with redness and line defense. Our natural 
formula will help purify and transform dull lifeless looking skin. F
ight premature aging the way nature intended- naturally.

Contains, Evening Primrose Oil and Borage Flower, (both known to be the highest in GLA),
Green Tea Extract, Jojoba, CoQ-10 along with many other natural plant ingredients and essential oils make this an excellent skin enriching blend that restores your skins natural balance.  Non-Nano Particle Zinc Oxide is a natural mineral safely used for generations to shield against the harmful effects of the sun.

We include the airless container in our face creams to ensure no oxygenation takes place (which breaks down ingredients over time) leaving all your skin loving natural and gentle ingredients potently fresh and ready to help you look radiant and beautiful.


Eco-Friendly, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Gluten-Free

*Sensitive to normal skin. Rosacea, acne, eczema, wrinkles, fine lines,

Pure essential oils UV PROTECTION SPF


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