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Breathe Easy Natural Bath Therapy Body Glow Scrub

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Breathe Easy Allergy and Congestion Calmer

Natural Nourishing Body Exfoliating Scrub and Soak for Bath or Shower. 16oz

Our home spa version of Breathe Easy "Rebalancing" Bath formula with eucalyptus oil calms and soothes tired muscles and your mind. Made with our congestion and allergy relief blend of eucalyptus essential oil blend and infused with Vitamin E rich sweet almond oil that leaves a soft moisturized supple skin tone. Breathe easy is a spa aromatherapy experience and gives a natural body glow.   If you’re under the weather Breathe Easy! 

Use small scoop and gently rub over tired muscles such as lower feet, back, or knees in a steam shower or warm bath tub. Relax for 5-15 minutes in water until salts dissolve. Rinse and pat dry. For jet tubs or steam rooms place a scoop into water area and enjoy. 

*Use with caution when applying in shower as oil may make tub slippery. Avoid direct contact with face, eyes, nose and sensitive membranes.

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